Ship to USA and Canada ONLY

Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
03030UXB U181MTUB1 Media resource and Trunking Unit 6859.39
03030TRH U181SCUB1 eSpace U1981 Switch and Control Board 5517.33
88032EAC U18SLOCREG05 U1981 Local Regeneration Function 19086.99
02358502 U18Z01DCEQ eSpace U1981 DC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 23113.15
02359943 U18Z01DCFM eSpace U1981 DC Integrated Fram 9632.96
02358503 U18Z02ACEQ eSpace U1981 AC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 20130.81
02359941 U18Z02ACFM eSpace U1981 AC Integrated Frame 9334.73
88031DSC UC9SCLTSUB01 SoftConsole Client Subscriber License 1409.16
88031DSA UC9SVMALCN01 Voice Mail Concurrent License(2 Path,Per License) 1192.94