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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
02311BBW BC1HDD50 Hard Disk,4000GB,SATA 6Gb/s,7200rpm,3.5 inch,64 MB,hot-plugging,built in,3.5 inch-Front Panel,UC&C Special 420.00
02311DEJ VCM-ANS-NDSK VCM Analysis Server 11000.00
88032SBF VCM-LIC-BA VCM Behavior analysis application license 8000.00
88032PAS VCM-LIC-CLUSTER Intelligent Analysis Software Basic Package 162000.00
88032SBL VCM-LIC-ISC VCM Inspection and surveillance control function license 200000.00
88032SBG VCM-LIC-VLIB VCM Application license of image library includes authorization of 50TB capacity 125000.00
88032SBS VCM-LIC-VRT-4 VCM Video retrieval channel license (4-channel) 120000.00
88032TWK VCM-LIC-VRT-8 VCM Video retrieval channel license (8-channel) 240000.00
02311DED VCM-MAS-DSK VCM Management Server(with storage) 18000.00
02311DEC VCM-MAS-NDSK VCM Management Server 14000.00
02311DEE VCM-MSS-DSK VCM Management & Storage Server 14000.00
02311DEG VCM-SS-NDSK VCM Storage Server 14000.00
05119097 VCM-SW-IANS VCM Application Basic Frame Software-Intelligent Analysis Management Basic Software CD 5.00
05119096 VCM-SW-IMG VCM Application Basic Frame Software-Image Library Basic Software CD 5.00
05119095 VCM-SW-VAI VCM Application Basic Frame Software-Video-aided Management Basic Software CD 5.00
05051882 VCMFACIALREC3 Facial Recognition,Three access license charge 144000.00
05052087 VCMFACIALREC4 Facial Recognition,Four access license charge 184000.00
05051888 VCMPLATEREC4 Software Operation,Plate recognition,VCM,VCM V100R001,Plate recognition-4 channel license,Electronic 28000.00
05051891 VCMPLATEREC6 Software Operation,Plate recognition,VCM,VCM V100R001,Plate recognition-6 channel license,Electronic 42000.00
05052124 VCMPLATEREC8 Software Operation,Plate recognition,VCM,VCM V100R001,Plate recognition-8 channel license,Electronic 56000.00
05051894 VCMPLATEREC9 Software Operation,Plate recognition,VCM,VCM V100R001,Plate recognition-9 channel license,Electronic 63000.00
88032SBN VCMSBAUPDATE VCM Upgrade from Behavior analysis to video-aided investigation 192000.00
88032SBM VCMSVLIBUPDATE VCM Upgrade from image library to video-aided investigation 175000.00
05051898 VCMVIDOESYN1 Software Operation,Video synopsis,VCM,VCM,Video synopsis-1 channel license(include dongel) 20000.00
05051900 VCMVIDOESYN4 Software Operation,Video synopsis,VCM,VCM,Video synopsis-4 channel license(include dongle) 80000.00
05051902 VCMVIDOESYN6 Software Operation,Video synopsis,VCM,VCM,Video synopsis-6 channel license(include dongle) 120000.00