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Huawei Enterprise Networking

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Huawei offers a comprehensive portfolio of switches to support every configuration and use case including modular, fixed-configuration, blade, and virtual LAN switches for your campus, branch, data center and wireless needs. Huawei switches offer the performance and features required for nearly any deployment, from traditional small office, network cores, to highly virtualized and converged corporate data centers. Huawei delivers the best value in the market with industry leading performance at an affordable price point. These solutions allow you to seamlessly scale your network as your business needs evolve.

DC Switch

Intelligent switches designed for next-generation data centers, covering core/aggregation/access switches to support flexible deployment on enterprise networks.

Campus Switch

Intelligent switches designed for next-generation high-end campus networks, covering core/aggregation/access switches to support flexible deployment on enterprise networks.

Core Router

The NE series of routers are high-class routers that Huawei offers for enterprises' backbone networks, aggregation nodes and edge nodes.

Access Router

Next-generation Integrated Routers for the Enterprise. The AR1200/2200/3200 series provides a unified communication solution for enterprise customers by integrating routing, switching, 3G service, wireless LAN (WLAN), voice, and security functions in a single devic

Industrial Router/Switch

WLAN Access Points/Controllers

Information Technology (IT) applications on school networks are rapidly developing, and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology plays an important role. As a supplement for and an extension of wired networks,

Multi-Service Gateways


 Huawei's eLTE technology meets the requirements for efficient operational communications in governments, railway systems, airports, ports, power grids, as well as oil and mining industries. With the capability to provide voice trunking, video dispatch, video surveillance and location services, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution will help customers significantly improve operational efficiency and emergency response rates.

Network Management System

Huawei eSight Operation and Maintenance Solution
The eSight is a next-generation enterprise network management system based on advanced Web 2.0 architecture and uses the browser/server model. The eSight provides a unified O&M platform and components to meet the demands of enterprise customers.