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Huawei Storage Resource Management

Huawei storage software with powerful, open, easy-to-use features, meet the storage resource management, disaster recovery, backup and other business needs.

OceanStor InfraControl

Huawei OceanStor InfraControl management software for enterprise data center, location of centralized operation and analysis of IT infrastructure optimization, able to IT infrastructure in storage, servers, switches provide a powerful management capabilities, with visualization resources, capacity analysis, performance analysis and other functions, to solve the user in the face of increasingly complex IT environmental management problem, to help the user to control the cost and maximize the use of the IT assets and capacity.

Product Features

Simplify IT Infrastructure Management

  • Through a unified entrance centralized management data center storage server, multiple manufacturers, switch.
  • Rapid discovery of IT infrastructure of resources.
  • Capacity, alarm, statistical information and other shows in the overall information management, make clear and simple.
  • Uniform distribution storage resources.
  • Modular architecture flexible to meet various application scenarios.
  • Fault information in many ways timely delivery, improve response speed.

Efficient Fault Location

  • Graphical display, fault state through the graphics distinction, stick out a mile.
  • Host / virtual machine to the storage path visualization, realization of the host, switches and back-end storage device visualization path display, enhance the efficiency of fault location.
  • Oracle, SQL Server using the stored path view, understand the capacity usage and fault location.

Intelligent Analysis

  • Capacity report, can identify LUN, hard disk, resource pool usage, understanding the capacity growth, as the division of space as well as the expansion of an important reference.
  • Performance report, the LUN, Pool, RAID&Thin, port controller, link, snapshot, disk and other objects for performance statistics, as the performance bottlenecks, assessment of load balance basis, improve service quality.
  • Statistical index, including the use of rate, bandwidth, throughput (IOPS), IO response time (time delay), IO business hours, hit ratio of Cache, IO size, accurate response system operational status.

Simplify Installation and Deployment

  • Intelligent automatic installation of the deployment, rapid completion of installation.
  • Using Agent-Less technology, take the way of obtaining information of host agent, is removed from the host agent installation / deployment, maintenance cost.


Product Specification



Managed Objects

Storage devices


Max. number of management nodes


Management Features

Management method


Event alarms

Dynamic display of live events
Automatic matching for removed faults
Deletion, filtering, and statistics of events
Event alarming by text message or email
Automatic dumping of alarm information generated in the last 90 days

Device discovery

Discovery by IP address, IP address segment, or subnet

User authentication

Permission-specific management
Concurrent login of users

Performance statistics

Historical capacity statistics of storage devices

Storage resource management

Query and statistics of storage devices

Ethernet switch management

Monitoring of Ethernet switch ports

Host management

Query of basic host information

Security Features



Permission-specific management roles

Administrator: manages users and group resources
Operator: views and sets storage devices
Auditor: views service information


Operating systems and web browsers

Operating systems: SUSE Linux Server 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Web browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer, Firefox 9 or 10

JRE version

JRE 1.6.0+ (excluding 1.7)


Deployment methods

Installation CD-ROM
Independent computer


Min. configuration

CPU: 2.2 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB or more
Disk capacity: 100 GB or more