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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
04120497 C2E1CAB00 Trunk Cable,20m,75ohm,2E1,2.2mm,(D9M),(SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25*4(S)),(4*BNC75SM-V) 59.65
02310QTD U111BTU01 BRI Trunking Interface Board(4BRI with 4 cables) 2117.46
03056244 U161SCUB2 eSpace U1960 Switch and Control Board 4398.95
88031DSF U16SLOCREG03 U1960 Local Regeneration Function 10259.26
02359990 U16Z02CFG3 eSpace U1960 (AC,1 SCU,1 MTU,16G SD Card,1E1 with cable,100 Voice Subscriber,6 Voice Mail Concurrent,30 Voice Conference Concurrent Subscribers) 20727.28
02356885 U16Z03ACFM eSpace U1960 AC Integrated Frame 6352.39
02356884 U16Z03DCFM eSpace U1960 DC Integrated Frame 6650.62
02350AGH U16Z05ACEQ eSpace U1960 AC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 11929.37
02350AGF U16Z05DCEQ eSpace U1960 DC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 12227.60
88031DSH U18SDISRCY01 Disaster Recovery Function 37279.28