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Huawei Professional Wireless


Huawei has developed the world's first 100 megabyte professional broadband trunking solution based on eLTE technology. This solution is designed to address the evolution of trunking technology, from voice to multimedia within private networks in vertical industries. Huawei's eLTE technology meets the requirements for efficient operational communications in governments, railway systems, airports, ports, power grids, as well as oil and mining industries. With the capability to provide voice trunking, video dispatch, video surveillance and location services, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution will help customers significantly improve operational efficiency and emergency response rates.


Huawei eCNS600 LTE network

The eCNS600 is the most minimum LTE core network in the world, it integrates the function of MME, S-GW/P-GW and HSS with one subrack to save CAPEX.

  • Proper Capacity for Industry Customers: Maximum 20K subscribers, 500 eNodeB, and 4Gbps throughput
  • Smooth Expansion: Stackable Cabinets for capacity expansion
  • High Reliability: Board backup, and eCNS redundancy for high reliability, MTBF ≥ 250000hours
  • Low Power consumption:



Huawei eLTE OSS

Enterprise OSS is a pc-lever server, it can be used to manage
all NEs , which make the management more convenient.

  • Small Size and Light: 22 ~ 29.03kg
  • Network element management and even terminal management
  • Network topology Monitor
  • Remote operation
  • High Reliability: System availability: ≥ 0.9999, MTBF: ≥ 114509hours


DBS3900 Distributed Base Station

Huawei DBS3900 Distributed Base Station

The DBS3900 LTE features a distributed architecture and consists of two basic function modules: BBU and RRU. It is compact, light, and easy to transport and install to reduce large construction and to save CAPEX.

  • Frequency:
    • TDD: 1.4G/1.8G/2.3G/2.5G/2.6G/3.5G/3.6G/3.7G/5.8GHz
    • FDD: 700M/800M/850M/900M/1.0G/ASW1.7G/1.8G
  • Dimensions: BBU 86*42*310mm, RRU 480*270*140mm
  • Weight: BBU
  • One BBU supports 12 RRUs(FDD)/18RRUs(TDD)

For more information, please visit the Huawei Global Product Page.

eH811 Handset

Huawei eH811 Handset

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Broadband trunking terminal
  • Frequency: TDD 1.8 GHz & Quick frequency customization
  • Dual-core 1.5 GHz
  • 4.5-inch touch screen
  • IP67 protect level
  • Explosion proof (Optional)
  • Clear Image under Heavy Sunshine
  • High Definition camera(800MP)

eA660 CPE

Huawei eA660 CPE

eA660 is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) customer premises equipments (CPE). As wireless gateways, the eA660 can be deployed outdoors to provide services such as data collection and video surveillance.

  • Frequency:TDD 1.8GHz/2.3GHz/3.7GHz/5.8GHz
  • IP67 protection level & Shock proof
  • Explosion proof (Optional)
  • Working Temperature:-40~65℃
  • Lighting protection
  • Power input :POE
  • Power consumption :
  • Dimensions : 280 x 250 x 80 mm


Huawei eA100 CPE

Huawei eA100 is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) customer premises equipment. As a wireless gateway, the eA100 can be deployed indoors and used with eA660. The eA100 provides wireless access, VoIP, and other Internet services.

  • LAN: IEEE 802.3/802.3u
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Power Input: 12 V DC
  • Power Consumptions:
  • Weight:
  • GPS inside
  • Dimensions: 230 x 160 x 40 mm