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Huawei Network Management System

Huawei eSight Operation and Maintenance Solution

The eSight is a next-generation enterprise network management system based on advanced Web 2.0 architecture and uses the browser/server model. The eSight provides a unified O&M platform and components to meet the demands of enterprise customers.

eSight Unified Network Management Platform

Huawei eSight Unified Network Management System

  • Web 2.0 provides better user experience
  • Multiple editions: Express edition, Compact Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition
  • Unified O&M platform: Unified management of multiple devices from multiple vendors, including routers, switches,
    security devices, WLAN, servers, and third party devices


eSight SLA Manager

Huawei eSight SLA Manager

eSight SLA Manager works with the NQA function on network devices to measure network performance by sending diagnostic packets to and from multiple network elements or links.

  • Service-oriented SLA and easy operation simplify O&M needs
  • Visual historical network data provides the basis for network optimization

Network Traffic Analyzer

Huawei Network Traffic Analyzer

The Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) provides refined management of network traffic and displays the Top
N applications and hosts generating the highest traffic volume to help enterprises view traffic, locate
faults, and plan applications on branch networks.

  • Support for mainstream network traffic protocols including NetStream, NetFlow, and sFlow
  • The Dashboard allows users to check network status on the entire network
  • Customized applications and groups give network administrators flexible methods to obtain traffic data
  • Traffic audit can extract an original data stream for analysis and fault location
  • Customized traffic reports provide a basis for future network planning

MPLS VPN Manager

Huawei MPLS VPN Manager

The MPLS VPN Manager connects all enterprise branches to realize visible management of the entire enterprise network. The end-to-end MPLS service view and SLA testing of MPLS services guarantee the operation of key services. It realizes one-click fault diagnosis of services, devices, and ports to facilitate network O&M.

  • Simple and convenient auto-discovery of services simplifies O&M
  • One-click fault diagnosis leads to fast fault identification
  • Visual service management facilitates unified monitoring of the entire network and provides up-to-the-moment operational status of services
  • Intelligent interaction with report, SLA, and performance monitoring

WLAN Manager

Huawei WLAN Manager

The WLAN Manager manages devices on WLAN networks in a centralized manner and implements visual monitoring on WLAN networks. This reduces WLAN network maintenance difficulties and costs.

  • Comprehensive management for wireless devices such as ACs, Fit APs, and mobile terminals
  • Wireless device batch configuration, improving management efficiency
  • Rich wireless service reports, clearly revealing the wireless network quality, wireless network traffic, and time and spatial distribution of wireless users
  • Identification, query, and blacklisting of unauthorized access devices
  • Visual management of the WLAN device deployment region and location, network signal coverage scope, and network status