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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
02411030 ACC2207H-C Dome Bracket (Indoor/Outdoor,Corner Mounted,Load 15kg) 20.00
02411237 ACC2208H-P Dome Camera /Bullet Camera Bracket (Indoor/Outdoor,Pole Mounted,Load 15kg) 23.00
02410815 ACC2302H-W ACC2302H-W Dome Bracket(Outdoor,Wall Mount,20kg Load) 21.00
02410816 ACC2303H-H ACC2303H-H Dome Bracket(Outdoor,Pendant Mount,20kg Load) 21.00
02411099 ACC3104H Camera(Indoor/Outdoor-Cabin Size 250*90*72.5mm,with Sunshade) 35.00
02411100 ACC3105H-T-V3 Camera(Indoor/Outdoor-Cabin Size 250*90*72.5mm,AC24V,with Fan/Heater/Sunshade) 50.00
02411101 ACC3106H-T-V3 Camera(Indoor/Outdoor-support camera &lens size 280(L)*125(W)*104(H)mm,AC24V,with Fan/Heater/Sunshade) 103.00
02411102 ACC3107H-T-V3 Camera(Indoor/Outdoor-Cabin Size 250*90*72.5mm,AC24V,with Fan/Double Heater/Sunshade) 54.00
02411095 DTS-204A Box Camera Bracket(Indoor/Outdoor,Wall Mounted,Load 15kg) 10.00
02411098 DTS-204B Universal Coupling(Outdoor,Load 20kg) 11.00
02411097 DTS-305 Box Camera Bracket(Outdoor,Pole Mounted,Load 20kg) 17.00
02410647 eSpace ACC3101H-O-TH-W eSpace ACC3101H-O-TH-W Camera Housing(Indoor/Outdoor,Cabin Size 80*90*250mm,AC24V,With Fan/With Heater/With Wiper/With Sunshade) 142.00
06010227 NSD32G00 SD Card,SD Card,Class 4,24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm,32G,Consumer level, Only for enterprise production, Inapplicable for Tele equipment 49.00