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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
88032ADW ACC-250 Terminals of Access Control Function,Including 250 Access Termials License 1200.00
88032AAE ACC-FUN Access Control Function 5700.00
30070026 BYOD-BOX Device Protective Equipment-Black-Huawei BYOD Demo Box 280.00
02310VQK SUEMBYODBOX-E BYOD Demo Box Accessories, Include English DVD and Network Cable 21.00
02358021 SVN2260-M-AC SVN2260-M Standard Configuration 6GE AC Host 16150.00
88032AFM VISITOR-200 Visitor Management Function,Including 200 Valid Customers 4000.00
88032AEC VISITOR-FUN Visitor Management Function 1000.00