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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
02113810 FC0B00GMCC04 Integrative Cabinet(AC 220V or 380V Import) 4266.00

02350NGQ FC0M008MCNA2 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2658A V3,11*32G,2*600G SAS,8*4T SATA,600G SSD,6*GE,1*3008) 29287.80

02350NGR FC0M008SCNA2 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2658A V3,12*32G,2*300G SAS,8*4T SATA,600G SSD,6*GE,1*3008) 30125.20

02350NGN FC0M009MCNA1 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2680 V3,13*32G,2*600G SAS,9*4T SATA,600G SSD,6*GE,1*3008) 33750.40

02350NGP FC0M009SCNA1 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2680 V3,14*32G,2*300G SAS,9*4T SATA,600G SSD,6*GE,1*3008) 34587.80

02001604 FC0M00S67403 S6700-48-EI Lanswitch(48 SFP+ 10GE ports, no optical transceiver, include dual power supply units) 36484.78

02350PAQ FC0M010MCNA3 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2658A V3,8*32G,32G SATADOM,2*600G SAS,10*2T SATA,800G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 26362.20

02350PAR FC0M010SCNA3 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2658A V3,8*32G,32G SATADOM,2*300G SAS,10*2T SATA,800G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 26001.80

02350REB FC0M011MCNA4 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2630 V3,8*16G,32G SATADOM,2*600G SAS,6*2T SATA,600G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 19911.04

02351BVR FC0M011MCNA5 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2630 V4,8*16G,32G SATADOM,2*600G SAS,6*2T SATA,600G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 16960.00

02350REC FC0M011SCNA4 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2630 V3,8*16G,32G SATADOM,2*300G SAS,6*2T SATA,600G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 19520.96

02351BVS FC0M011SCNA5 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2630 V4,8*16G,32G SATADOM,2*300G SAS,6*2T SATA,600G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 16589.00

02351BVP FC0M02XMCN01 MCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2650 V4,8*32G,32G SATADOM,2*600G SAS,10*2T SATA,800G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 24910.00

02351BVQ FC0M02XSCN01 SCNA XH628 V3(2*E5-2650 V4,8*32G,32G SATADOM,2*300G SAS,10*2T SATA,800G SSD,2*10GE,1*3008) 24539.00

02350NGJ FC0M04CHSS00 X6800 Chassis Kit (4*1200W AC PSU,1*SMM,5*FAN) 2787.80

02001464 S5700-EI-AC-B09 S5700-52C-EI Lanswitch(48 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45,2 SFP+ 10GE, include Stacking Card) 14351.02