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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
02311SDD CN2M08FFCA ES3500P V3 SSD,800GB,NVMe PCIe,Read Intensive,1 DWPD,2.5inch 2391.57
02311SDC CN2M08FFCB ES3600P V3 SSD,800GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 2551.42
02311MRU CN2M12FFCJ ES3500P V3 SSD,1200GB,NVMe PCIe,Read Intensive,1 DWPD,2.5inch 3381.40
02311MRR CN2M12FFCL ES3600P V3 SSD,1200GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 3559.69
02311MRQ CN2M16FFCM ES3600P V3 SSD,1600GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 4481.89
02311SDE CN2M20FFCD ES3600P V3 SSD,2000GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 5502.46
02311MRT CN2M20FFCN ES3500P V3 SSD,2000GB,NVMe PCIe,Read Intensive,1 DWPD,2.5inch 4789.29
02311MRP CN2M32FFCP ES3600P V3 SSD,3200GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 8545.72
02311MRS CN2M32FFCQ ES3500P V3 SSD,3200GB,NVMe PCIe,Read Intensive,1 DWPD,2.5inch 7930.92
02311VRU CN2M40FFCS ES3500P V3 SSD,4000GB,NVMe PCIe,Read Intensive,0.3 DWPD,2.5inch 9898.28
02311SNK CN2M64FAMS ES3620C V3,NVMe SSD Card,6400GB,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,PCIe 3.0 x4,HH/HL 17091.44
02311UAQ CN2M64FFMS ES3620P V3 SSD,6400GB,NVMe PCIe,Mixed Use,3 DWPD,2.5inch 16415.16