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Huawei Enterprise UC&C

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Integrating voice, data, video, and service streaming technologies, Huawei UC applications can be used in various scenarios, with eSpace UC terminals available for enterprise employees to access VoIP, collaborative conferencing, remote training, and office applications securely anytime anywhere.

Telepresence & Video Communications

Huawei telepresence system brings people together in HD virtual meeting experience, immediately and enjoyable. Synergy between people creates value, reduce cost and help you stay ahead of competition.

Immersive Telepresence Systems

Huawei Immersive Telepresence System

TP3200 Series is the first panoramic Telepresence solution in the world. TP3200 Series provides two products:TP3206 and TP3218.The new solution adopts one co-optical-center camera and three impressive 55” ultra-narrow bezel displays to provide users with the most immersive conference experience, which helps you make fast decisions, reduce cost and stay ahead of the competition.

Huawei's TP3106-70 creates an immersive, across-the-table conference experience for six participants in true-to-life size. With Huawei’s newly designed codec, patented panoramic camera, and three 70-inch HD displays, the TP3106-70 sets a new standard for telepresence. The system provides three data displays, multiple-channel audio for sound localization, and intelligent video enhancement, all to ensure both audio and visual quality as well as user convenience.

Room Telepresence

Huawei Room Presence

Huawei Room Presence series (RP) are compact system with HD codec, camera, display and microphone array. RP bring people together in a best ever virtual meeting experience and enable face to face collaboration as personal as being in the same room. It is a cost-effective solution which helps reduce costs and accelerate decision-making for enterprises

  • Flexible choice: 46/55-inch single and dual displays
  •  Flexible deployment: pedestal stand, pedestal stand with wheels
  • 1080p HD video creates face-to-face video communication
  • CD-quality audio with AAC-LD
  • High quality with up to 20% of packet loss and low bandwidth requirement (1080p @ 512 k)
  • Remote control or easy-to-use 10-inch PAD with GUI

Video Conferencing End-points

Huawei Video Conference End points

All-in-one HD videoconferencing systems with unique voice dialing and Wi-Fi access. Compact appearance and simplified installation make these products an ideal choice for small- and medium-sized conference rooms.

  • Compact design, sleek appearance
  • Highly integrated, Wi-Fi access, fast installation
  • Voice dialing, easy to use Intelligent network adaptability
  • Lower bandwidth, smaller investment
  • The first all-in-one HD videoconferencing system with wireless connection and effortless deployment in 5 minutes.
  • The first all-in-one HD videoconferencing system with wireless connection and effortless deployment in 5 minutes.
  • Low bandwidth requirement: 512k@1080p, and 20% of anti-packet-loss rate saves the bandwidth by 50


Huawei Video Conference Infrastructure

Supporting different endpoints, this infrastructure provides the best user experience.

Video Peripherals

Unified Communications

Huawei Unified Communications solutions allow effective collaboration between people, information and teams. Users can access and share content, video on demand, from anywhere and at any time. This dramatically increases productivity and efficiency across the enterprise.


Huawei Enterprise IP PBX

Designed especially for small businesses and branch offices of larger enterprises. It is a highly reliable IP PBX that provides a flexible, economical, and easy-to-administer call system for highly efficient communications.

IP Phone

Huawei Enterprise IP Phones

Classical series, business series, and VIP series of IP phones are available to meet the different customer needs and requirements