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Huawei AR3200 Enterprise Routers

The Huawei AR3200 enterprise routers are next-generation enterprise-class routers based on the Huawei proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), which takes advantage of Huawei’s leadership in data communication, wireless, access network, and core network technologies.

The AR3200 routers integrate routing, switching, 3G,LTE, voice, and security functions. It utilizes a multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching structure providing industry-leading system performance and extensibility, supporting evolving service development requirements. The AR3200 routers provide an integrated solution for enterprise networks, speed up multi-service provisioning and protect customers' investments. The modular chassis allows customers to customize the router with interchangeable interface cards.

The AR3200 routers use embedded hardware encryption techniques and support a voice-optimized Digital Signal Processor (DSP). It supports firewall functions, call processing, voice mail, and other applications. The AR3200 routers support wired and wireless access modes, including E1/T1, xDSL, xPON, CPOS, 3G, and LTE.

  • 8/12 core CPU, distributed service processing and nonblocking switching structure
  • Hot swappable interface cards redundant components such as fan modules and power modules
  • Supports various wired and wireless access modes:
    Ethernet, E1/T1, xPON, CPOS, WiFi, 3G, etc.,
  • Forwarding capacity: 2Mpps (SRU40)/2.5M (SRU60)/4Mpps (SRU80)

AR3200 Models



Huawei AR3260 Access Router


WAN speed with services:
-- 600 Mbps (with SRU40*)
-- 800 Mbps (with SRU60*)
-- 1800 Mbps (with SRU80*)
-- 4.5 Gbps(with SRU200*)
-- 5.5 Gbps (with SRU400*)
Hardware-based Traffic Management (with SRU80, SR200 and SRU400*)
Hardware-based HQoS (with SRU80, SRU200 and SRU400*)
Fixed port: 3 * GE(2 * Combo) /4*GE Combo+ 2*10GE
Slots: 4*SIC + 2*WSIC + 4*XSIC
Dimensions (H x W x D): 130.5 mm x 442 mm

Product Specification

Technical specifications

Item AR3260
WAN Speed with Services 1 Gbit/s (SRU40), 2 Gbit/s (SRU80), 2.5 Gbit/s (SRU100E), 3 Gbit/s (SRU200E), 4.5 Gbit/s (SRU200), 5.5 Gbit/s (SRU400)

Firewall Performance (large packets) 5.5 Gbit/s (SRU40), 9.5 Gbit/s (SRU80), 10 Gbit/s (SRU100E), 12 Gbit/s (SRU200E), 15 Gbit/s (SRU200), 20 Gbit/s (SRU400)
Device Switching Capacity 160 Gbit/s

Slot Switching Bandwidth SIC slots: 2 Gbit/s  WSIC slots: 5 Gbit/s  XSIC & EXSIC slots: 20 Gbit/s

Fixed WAN Ports

SRU40: 3 x GE (2 x Combo) 

SRU80: 3 x GE (2 x Combo)  

SRU100E: 4 x GE Combo+ 2 x GE SFP

SRU200E: 4 x GE Combo+ 2 x 10 GE SFP+

SRU200: 4 x GE Combo+ 2 x 10 GE SFP+

SRU400: 4 x GE Combo+ 2 x 10 GE SFP+

SIC Slots 4
WSIC Slots 2/4
XSIC Slots (default/max**) 4/6
EXSIC Slots (share with XSIC) 1
DSP Slots 0/3
USB 2.0 Ports 2
Mini-USB Ports 1
Console Ports 1
Memory 2 GB/8 GB
Flash(default/max**) 2 GB/4 GB
Maximum Power 350W (single power module)/700W (dual power module)
AC Power 100V to 240V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
DC Power -48V to -60V
Dimensions (H x W x D) 5.1 in. x 17.4 in. x 18.5 in. (130.5 mm x 442 mm x 470 mm)
Weight 24.3 lb. (11 Kg) without power module and interface card
Ambient Temperature 32oF to 113oF (0oC to 45°C)
Ambient Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Basic Features DHCP server/client, PPPoE server/client, PPPoA client, PPPoEoA client, NAT, and sub-interface management
Voice RTP, SIP, SIP AG, IP PBX/TDM PBX, FXO/FXS, VoIP/conference call, BEST, DISA, and SBC
3G CDMA 2,000 EV-DO Rev. A, WCDMA, and individual 3G uplink/backup link
LTE FDD LTE: Uplink: 50 Mbit/s Downlink: 100 Mbit/s
WLAN (AC) AP management (AC discovery/AP access/AP management), CAPWAP, WLAN user management, WLAN radio management 802.11a/b/g/n, WLAN QoS (WMM), and WLAN security (WEP/WPA/WPA2/Key management)
LAN IEEE 802.1P, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3, VLAN management, MAC address management, and MSTP
IPv4 Unicast Routing Routing policy, static route, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP
IPv6 Unicast Routing Routing policy, static route, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+
Multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP-Snooping Version 1/2/3, PIM SM, PIM DM, and MSDP
QoS DiffServ mode, MPLS QoS, priority mapping, traffic policing (CAR), traffic shaping, congestion avoidance (based on IP precedence/DSCP WRED), congestion management (LAN interface: SP/WRR/SPWRR WAN interface: PQ/CBWFQ), MQC (traffic classifier, traffic behavior, traffic policy), hierarchical QoS, FR QoS, Smart Application Control (SAC), and Hard QoS
Security ACL, firewall, 802.1x authentication, MAC address authentication, Web authentication, AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication, HWTACACS authentication, broadcast storm suppression, ARP security, ICMP attack defense, URPF, IP source guard, DHCP snooping, CPCAR, blacklist, and IP source tracing
Management and Maintenance Upgrade management, device management, web-based GUI, GTL, SNMP Versions 1/2c/3, NTP, CWMP, auto-config, deployment using USB disk, NetConf, and CLI

**Note: Combined slots are included in the total number of slots available

The flash memory storage can be expanded with a Micro-SD card.


Deployment Scenarios

High-Density Ethernet Access

To preserve customer investment, the AR3260 features a highly modular design. In the example below, a high-density GE access interface card is deployed to provide Gigabit speed access for servers and workgroups at enterprise headquarters.

Huawei AR3200 Deploymeny Scenario

High-Quality Voice Service

Enterprise customers can use the AR3200 routers at the headquarters office as an IP PBX and SIP voice gateway.

Huawei AR3200 Deployment Scenario High QoS

To improve communication efficiency, all AR routers include a built-in PBX. This feature supports the enterprise main number, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and bill query functions. An AR1200 or an AR2200 router can be located in a branch office to provide the intelligent dialing feature.

Huawei AR3200 Deployment Branch Office

Wireless Access in Branch Offices

The AR3200 routers integrate AC (Access Controller) functionality, which can manage the wireless AP (Access Point) in wireless LAN. AR2200 supports rich certification and flexible user access control, which can provide security access guarantee for Wi-Fi users. The rich wireless capabilities integrated in one device, this can realize centralized management of wired and wireless networks, to meet the requirements of different scale enterprises networks.

Huawei AR3200 Deployment Wireless Access Branch Office

VPN in Branch

The AR3200 routers provide secure access for communication among enterprise branch offices as well as between headquarters and branch offices and headquarters and business partners. Tunnels between the headquarters and branch offices ensure secure data access and transmission. The AR3200 routers implement fast tunnel deployment and authentication so branch offices and partners can quickly access and share enterprise resources.

Huawei AR3200 VPN in Branch Office

The AR3200 routers are well suited to serve as PEs in the headquarters office of a large enterprise. The MPLS L3 VPN segregates services by type. The AR3200 routers feature flexible deployment, fast distribution, and secure transmission of VPN services, as well as supporting enterprise service operation over networks.

Huawei AR3200 MPLS VPN

WAN branch Internet & Aggregation

AR3200 series enterprise routers support the rich interface cards, including high-density E1, CPOS, POS interface cards and so on, to meet the convergence access requirements in the various branches and headquarters. Multiple enterprise small branches connected by E1 uplink to the aggregation layer routers. The aggregation routers use high-density the E1 boards or CPOS to converged access, and then through the POS uplink to connect the high-end router of the core network.



Huawei AR3200 Branch Office Aggregation


Ordering Information

Order the chassis, control board, power supply, and fan module. Then, select a DSP card (if required), interface modules, special licenses, and accessories (SD card or USB disk).

Chassis options and fan modules

AR3260 chassis model Description
AR0M0036SA00 AR3260, SRU40, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, and 350W AC
AR0M0036BA00 AR3260, SRU80, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, and 350W AC
AR0M0036BD00 AR3260, SRU80, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, and 350W DC
AR0MNTEH10501 BT-NTE-H105 Bundle (includes AR3260 base configuration, eSFP-GE-multi-mode optical transceiver, 32.8 ft. (10m) LC/PC-LC/PC multi-mode patch cord, and British-type power cable
AR32-200-AC AR3260, SRU200, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, and 350W AC
AR32-400-AC AR3260, SRU400, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, and 350W AC

AR3260, Service and Router Unit 100E, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, 350W AC Power


AR3260, 2 Service and Router Unit 100E, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, 2 350W AC Power


AR3260, Service and Router Unit 200E, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, 350W AC Power


AR3260, 2 Service and Router Unit 200E, 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, 2 350W AC Power

AR3260 AR3260 integrated chassis components
AR0MDF03A000 Fan module for AR3260

Main control board options

Main control board Description
AR01SRU2C SRU40, 3 GE WAN (2 GE Combo), 2 USB, 3 DSP Slots
AR01SRU3B SRU80, 3 GE WAN (2 GE Combo), 2 USB, 3 DSP Slots
AR-SRU200 SRU200
AR-SRU400 SRU400

Service and Router unit 100E


Service and Router unit 200E

Power supply module options

Power module Description
AR0MPSDP3500 350W DC
AR0MPSAP3500 350W AC

850W AC power module

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) module options

DSP Module Description
AR0MDD016A00 16-channel voice
AR0MDD032A00 32-channel voice
AR0MDD064A00 64-channel voice
AR0MDD128A00 128-channel voice

SIC interface module options

SIC interface module Description
AR0MSDME1A00 1-port channelized E1/T1/PRI/VE1 multi-flex trunk interface card
AR0MSDE11A00 1-port fractional channelized E1/T1 WAN interface card
AR0MSDME2A00 2-port channelized E1/T1/PRI/VE1 multi-flex trunk interface card
AR0MSDE12A00 2-port fractional channelized E1/T1 WAN interface card
AR0MSDSA1A00 1-port sync/async serial port interface card
AR0MSDSA2A00 2-port sync/async serial port interface card
AR0MSEG1CA00 1-port GE Combo WAN interface card
AR0MSEF2TA00 2-port FE WAN interface card
AR0MSVA4B1A0 4-port FXS and 1-port FXO voice interface card
AR01SVB4XA 4-port FXO voice interface card
AR0MSLA1XA00 1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX A/M WAN interface module, supports wetting current (for Vodafone only)
AR0MSLA1XA01 1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX A/M WAN interface module
AR0MSLB1XA01 1-port ADSL2+ ANNEX B/J WAN interface module
AR01SLV1XA 1-port VDSL2 over POTS WAN interface module
AR0MSLS1XA00 1-port 4-pair G.SHDSL WAN interface module
AR0MSDS1XA00 1-port ISDN S/T WAN Interface Card
AR0MSVS2XA00 2-port ISDN S/T voice interface module
AR01SDGW1A 3G HSPA+7 interface module
AR0MSOPP2A00 1-port GPON/EPON dual-mode interface card
AR-4ES2G-S 4-port 1,000 BASE-RJ45 L2 Ethernet interface card (SIC)
AR-1VE1-S 1-port VE1 interface card
AR-1LTE-L-S WCDMA LTE interface card


WSIC interface module options

WSIC Interface Module  Description
AR01WAE14A 4-port E1 inverse multiplexing for ATM interface card
AR01WDFE4A 4-port fractional E1 WAN interface card
AR01WDFE8A 8-port fractional E1 WAN interface card
AR01WDCE8A 8-port channelized E1/PRI multiflex interface card

2-Port 10 GE Optical Ports Interface Card

AR01WEG4SA 4-port 1,000 BASE-SFP-L3 Ethernet WAN interface card
AR01WEG4SB 4-port 1,000 BASE-SFP-L2 Ethernet interface card
AR01WEG4TA 4-port 1,000 BASE-RJ45-L3 Ethernet WAN interface card
AR0MWDAS8A01 8-port async serial port interface card
AR-1STM1-W 1-port 155M packet over SDH/SONET optical interface card
AR-4STM1-W 4-port 155M packet over SDH/SONET optical interface card
AR0MWMF9TT00 8-port 10/100 BASE (RJ45) and 1-port 10/100/1,000 BASE (RJ45)-L3 Ethernet switch interface card
AR01WVADXA 16-port FXS voice interface card
AR01WVAHXA 32-port FXS voice interface card
AR-1STM4-W 1-port 622M packet over SDH/SONET optical interface card
AR-1CSTM1-W 1-port 155M channelized packet over SDH/SONET interface card (WSIC)
AR-1E3T3M-W 1-port channelized/unchannelized E3/T3 WAN interface card
AR-8SA-W 8-port sync/async serial WAN interface card
AR-4GECS-W 4-port GE Combo WAN interface card (support syncE)
AR-6EM-W 6-port EM (RJ45) interface card
AR01WSX220B Industrial computer, Celeron 847E, DDR3 4 GB, 2.5-inch 1 TB HDD, CFAST 4G, NULL

XSIC interface module options

XSIC interface module  Description
AR0MXEGFTA00 24-port 10/100/1,000 BASE (RJ45)-L2/L3 Ethernet interface card
AR01WSX165B Industrial computer, Ivy Bridge I5-3610, DDR3 16 GB, 2.5-inch 1 TB HDD, CFAST 4G, NULL

24-Port 10/100/1,000 BASE-L2 With POE Ethernet Interface Card (RJ45)*

* Note: The 850W power module is required for the 24-Port 10/100/1,000 BASE-L2 with POE Ethernet Interface Card.

License options

License Description
LAR0DATAE04 AR3200 Value-Added Data Package
LAR0AC04 AR3200 AC Express License
LAR0VOICEE04 AR3200 Value-Added Voice Package
LAR0CMBEST01 AR CM & BEST License (5 telephones)
LAR0CMBEST02 AR CM & BEST License (25 telephones)
LAR0CMBEST03 AR CM & BEST License (100 telephones)
LAR0CT01 AR Call Trunk (CT) License (5 sessions)
LAR0CT02 AR Call Trunk (CT) License (25 sessions)
LAR0CT03 AR Call Trunk (CT) License (100 sessions)
LAR0IVR01 AR IVR License (1 session)
LAR0IVR02 AR IVR License (12 sessions)
LAR0DSVPN04 AR3200 Dynamic Smart VPN (DSVPN) Function
LAR0IPS04 AR3200 IPS Service Subscription (1-year)
LAR0URLF04 AR3200 URL Filtering Update Service Subscription (1-year)
LAR0BRAS00 AR Bras 1K User License

SD card and USB disk options

SD cards & USB disks  Description
N0MSD2G00 Storage medium, Micro-SD card, 2 GB, 2.7V to 3.6V, English SPEC, supports the SD 1.1 Standard interface, 0.4 in. x 0.6 in. x 0 in. (11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm) L x W x T, no adapter and bar code, Independence Box (for Datacom Enterprise Network AR production only)
N0MSD4G01 Micro-SD card, 4 GB, CLASS 6, 2.7V to 3.6V, English SPEC, compatible with SD SpecificationVersion 2.0, 0.4 in. x 0.6 in. x 0 in. (11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm) L x W x T, no adapter and bar code, Independence Box (for Datacom Enterprise Network AR production only)
NUSBDSK01 Storage USB Disk, 4 GB, USB 2.0, no documentation

Compare and Shop

Vendor Product Description Huawei Advantages
HUAWEI AR3260 4 SIC, 2 WSIC, 4 XSIC, 350W Power
CISCO CISCO3945 Cisco 3945 w/SPE150(3GE,4EHWIC,4DSP,4SM,256MBCF,1GBDRAM,IPB) Forwarding performance:2Mpps vs. 982Kpps
IO slots:10 vs. 8
CISCO CISCO3945E Cisco 3945E w/SPE250,4GE,3EHWIC,3DSP,4SM,256MBCF,1GBDRAM,IPB Forwarding performance:5Mpps vs. 2.924Mpps
IO slots:10 vs. 7
HP MSR4080 HP MSR4080 Router Dual control plane and dual forwarding plane vs. Dual control plane and single forwarding plane
embedded hardware traffic manager
IO Slots:10 vs. 8
HP MSR50-60 HP MSR50-60 Router Forwarding performance:2-5Mpps vs. 800K-1.3Mpps
Integrated WAN:3GE(2 Combo) vs. 2 GE Combo
embedded hardware encryption engine
HP MSR5060-MPU-G2-MSCB HP MSR50-40 Router Forwarding performance:5Mpps vs. 2Mpps
embedded hardware encryption engine
HP MSR5060-MPUF-MSCA HP MSR50-60 Router Forwarding performance:2Mpps vs. 1Mpps
Integrated WAN:3GE(2 Combo) vs. 2 GE Combo
embedded hardware encryption engine