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ActForNet Online Lab

In order for our potential and existing customers to better understand/install/maintain the products and solution we sell, ActForNet has set up an online lab. The lab inclueds but not limited te fowllowing prodtcs:

Huawei router simulator
Huawei switch Simulator
FusionCompute hypervisor
FursionSphere management platform
FusionAccess Virtual Desktop Instance (VDI)

For simplicity, we have the screensots of these products. If you do need online access to these products, please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected] for instructions.

The architecture of the Huawei fusionCloud solution is as following:

FusionCloud diagram VDI price ActForNet US Canada

FusionCompute HyperVisor
At the core of the cloud computing platform, Huawei FusionCompute hypervisor uses a bare-metal architecture to virtualize server resources, such as CPUs, memory, I/O resources, which are converted into logical resources that can be centrally managed, scheduled, and allocated


FusionManager is a cloud platform for unified resource management. It provides a unified management portal with the following functions:

• Automatic detection of physical devices within its management domain, including subracks, servers, blades, storage devices, and switches, as well as networking between these devices.

• Physical and virtual resource management, such as centralized topology, alarm reporting, monitoring, capacity management, metering, performance reports, correlation analysis, and lifecycle management

• Organization VDC management, self-service portals, service catalogs, rights management, capacity management, IT resource management (including heterogeneous resources), performance management, configuration change management, and task management

Huawei FusionCloud Desktop solution, composed of FusionShpere Cloud OS and FusionAccess desktop virtualization platform, will be a key part of moving IT infrastructure into the future. By centralized managing and sharing of computing and storage resources, Huawei FusionCloud Desktop can help customers to solve the problems of traditional PCs and allows customers to enhance information security, improve O&M efficiency and create a truly mobile office while improving service reliability. FusionCloud Desktop soluiton is an end-to-end solution covering terminal, hardware, software, network, security, consulting and design services. It is suitable for government, education, finance, medical, telecom and other industries for all types of offices, including branches, call centers, mobile office situations

Preinstalled servers

Beside we have the following server preinstalled with FusionCompute and ready for ship. If you are interested, please contact [email protected] for a quote.

Item Description Qty
Huawei RH1288 Server   1
- Tecal RH2288 V3 (02311FKQ) Open box Huawei 2U server with 12HD x 3.5"  Heatsink (2) included, Slide Rails, Cooling fans (4) 1
HUA IT AC BC1M05ESMQ SR430C SR430C(LSI3108) SAS/SATA RAID Card,RAID0,1,5,6,10,50,60,12Gb/s,1GB Cache 1
HUA IT AC BC1M01TFM LSI Flash LSI3108 1GB RAID Card SuperCap(4GB,include cable,bracket),used for rack servers/X6800 1
- SM212 Ethernet card (02311CXH) SM212 Onboard NIC,4xGE Electrical Interface(I350),RJ45 1
Intel CPU Zeon E5-2603V4 Box INT CPU Xeon E5-2603v4 Box BDW 2
6C/6T 15M 1.70GHz S2011-3 
Crucial CT16G4RFD4213  CRU 16G D4 21 R   4
CT16G4RFD4213 1.2V
Western Digital WD20PURX WDC 2TB SATA 64M WD20PURX     4
IntelliPower 3.5"Purple20c800p
- 460W power supply module Power supply module 2
- Power cords Power cords 2