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Huawei Transport

High-performance, high-availability transport networks are critical to support innovative IT applications in the energy industry and for power utilities, public transportation, education, and financial services. Leveraging its broad range of networking systems, Huawei offers carrier-grade transport products for building and scaling industrial-strength transmission capabilities — providing high-speed, high-bandwidth, low-latency communications based on the latest optical, microwave, and WDM technologies.

Engineered for both performance and manageability, Huawei transport networking products enable leaders in science, industry, and government to meet the demand for high quality services while optimizing ROI.

WDM transmission WDM & OTN

OptiX OSN 9800

Optix OSN 9600U
Optix OSN 8800
OptiX OSN 1800V
OptiX OSN 1800
Optix OSN 902
Optix OSN 850
Optix OSN 810
MSTP Transmission Multi-Service Transmission platforms
Enhanced MSTP
Patcket transmission system Packet Transport network Devices

OptiX PTN 7900 Transmission System

OptiX PTN 3900 Transmission System
OptiX PTN 1900 Transmission System
OptiX PTN 900 Transmission System
IP Microwave transmission IP Microwave Transmission
OptiX RTN900 Hybrid TDM/IP Microwave Transmission Systems
OptiX RTN300 Microwave transceiver