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Huawei IDS1000-C cluster container data center

IDS1000 - C cluster container data center with flexible, mixing and modular design concept, is committed to help customers to build the green cloud computing data center infrastructure, and realize the availability, safety, agility, scalability and the optimal TCO. IDS1000-C not only can meet the current application requirement, and also support the future "horizontal or vertical" rapid expansion. It is suitable for large and medium data center construction, such as large and medium enterprises rapid deployment, disaster tolerance, limited site rapid construction, etc.

Product Features

Flexible expansion, suitable for data center of different scale and construction level

  • Independent power and cooling containers for flexible configurations, could be upgraded fromTier3 construction level to Tier4. Power density range is 3.5kW~21kW.
  • Customized multi-function ICT containers, making outdoor data center suitable for both living and office needs.

High integration, one-week fast deployment

  • One-stop solution, integrating racks, monitoring, cabling, power, fire control and air-conditioning systems.
  • Pre-engineering design, one-week fast deployment, no building required, deploy after simply obtaining site, power and network.

High environmental adaptability, applicable in various extreme environments

  • Operation temperature: -40℃~55℃, applicable in extra high and low temperature regions.
  • IP55 dustproof and waterproof design, application in a dusty mining area; special anti-corrosion treatment, able to deploy on sea shore. Life span is up to 15 years.

Energy saving, significant save of investment on ancillary facilities and operation cost

  • Shorten the construction time by 1~2 years, launching in advance, increasing ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Horizontal air supply, efficient UPS, hot and cold aisle containment, OPEX can be cut greatly.
  • More than 30% space saving.

Efficient, automatic and intelligent management

  • Unified management platform, collect status of temperature, humidity, smoke, door magnetic etc.
  • Automatically handle emergencies, enhance the availability of data center, and improve management efficiency.


Product Specification

IT container:




Dimension (H × W × D) Weight

9.6' × 8' × 40'(2896 mm ×2438 mm ×12192 mm)


3-phase-4-line+PE AC 380V


Rated IT power



Cabinet quantity

18/24 racks


Space for equipment installation



Operation temperature

-40°C ~ +55°C


Power container:


40' power container Specifications

20' power container Specifications


Dimension (H × W × D)

9.6' × 8' × 40'(2896mm×2438mm×12192mm)

9.6' × 8' × 20'(2896mm×2438mm×6068 mm)






3-phase-4-line+PE AC 380V

3-phase-4-line+PE AC 380V


Operation temperature

-40°C ~ +55°C

-40°C ~ +55°C



Tower: 200/300/400kVA optional; Modular: max 480kVA

Tower: 200/300/400kVA optional


Backup time




Cooling container:




Dimension (H × W × D) Weight

9.6' × 8' × 40' (2896mm×2438mm×12192mm)
12t, Full of water: 18t


3-phase-4-line+PE AC 380V


Operation temperature

-40°C ~ +55°C



4 sets of air-cooled scroll chiller (3+1 backup), cooling capacity 100kW/set


Cooling backup

Water tank: 5300L, 15min cooling backup





For more details, please refer to Huawei IDS1000-A All-in-one Container Data Center Solution Brochure (PDF).


Huawei IDS1000-C series container data center solution includes independent IT, power and cooling containers for standard configuration. The standard configuration support 18 racks, support max 400KW (rated) power consumption. The max average rack power density is 21KW/Rack (rated). Cooling method is air-cooled chiller. UPS capacity is 480KVA, and backup time is 15min.

Huawei IDS1000-C solution provides 3 typical configurations, and supports flexible combination of different modules to meet customers' diverse requirements.

Deployment Scenario

IDS1000-C is mainly used in large enterprise data center construction. The followings are typical examples of application:

Application scenarios: Education /Hospital/Government cloud computing, Disaster recovery

Solution: Standard 3-containers solution:

Application scenarios:High reliability, financial industry, IDC hosting

Solution: 2N Cooling power supply, Multi-containers

Application scenarios: Large-scale cluster deployment