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Testing Equipment

We sell brand new and used testing equipment, or traffic generator. Currently we have:

1 used IXIA Optixia X16, 1 used Spirent ABACUS 5000. Contact us for more details.

IXIA Optivia X16

IXIA Optivia X16 is a 16 slot 16 Rack-Mountable network testing equipment. supports an integrated test controller that manages all system and testing resources. A wide array of interface Load Modules is available to populate the chassis. The 16 slots support densities of up to 128 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 16-10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 32 Packet over SONET (POS) ports. These modules provide the network interface and distributed processing resources needed for executing a broad range of data, signaling, voice, video, and application testing from Layers 2-7.

The Optixia X16 chassis, with its high performance architecture, is designed to optimize test application performance. It is capable of running more Ixia applications at higher speeds than any previous Ixia chassis.

The Ixia test system is built on a proven, scalable architecture that integrates a RISC CPU running Linux and network protocol stacks on every test port. This distributed Linux processing environment enables stateful traffic testing of content-aware devices. In addition, line-rate stateless traffic generation and analysis is supported on each Ixia test port.

The Optixia X16 supports a wide array of Ixia test applications, including:
  • Aptixia IxNetwork for control and data plane performance testing of routers and switches with complex protocol support including BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, MPLS, IP multicast and Spanning Tree, including IPv4 and IPv6 variations
  • IxExplorer for granular, highly flexible data plane testing and analysis
  • Aptixia IxAutomate for executing automated, pre-built data and control plane tests with sophisticated results analysis
  • Aptixia IxLoad for stress testing of content-aware devices (e.g., load balancers, web servers, video servers) running protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SIP, MPEG2 video, etc.
  • IxChariot for emulation of networked applications to determine end-to-end response times
  • IxVPN for performance testing secure IPsec VPN gateways
  • IxAccess for performance testing broadband access devices
  • IxANVL for protocol conformance testing.


Spirent Abacus Voice & IMS Testing Solution

For VoIP, SIP and IP Telephony testing, Abacus tests scalability, performance, interoperability, and voice quality for Voice, Video and Data over IP prior to and during deployment, thus eliminating the need for multiple test tools.

Spirent enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to test the migration from legacy to converged network equipment-including multiplay applications.

Load handling, functionality and interoperability issues can be easily identified and resolved, due to an extensive array of real-time call statistics and integrated protocol analysis. Abacus enables you to conduct synchronized and elaborate testing scenarios, and reduces the overall cost of testing by eliminating the need for multiple boxes of different types.

Integrated testing is the only way to adequately verify converged network infrastructure. Save money and avoid unwieldy test beds with Spirent's single IP Telephony and PSTN system for lab and distributed testing.

Key Features

  • Provides seamless test interoperability and simplifies the testing of converged IP telephony networks and services with the following VoIP protocols: SIP, IMS, SIP-T, SIP-I, H.323, Skinny, MGCP/NCS, H.248/Megaco, SIGTRAN M3UA, M2UA, IUA-PRI, IUA-BRI, BICC, T.38 Fax over IP
  • Comprehensive device testing for effects on voice quality (MOS, PSQM, PSQM+, PESQ, MOS-LQO, J-MOS, R-Factor (P.834), R-Factor (G.107))
  • Highest scalability of voice-centric infrastructure testing
  • Simultaneously supports IP telephony, PSTN and analog to test the interoperability of disparate devices

Key Benefits

  • Discover performance and scalability limits by simulating hundreds of thousands of IP telephones and gateways
  • Avoid performance problems or network downtime through enhanced reliability and interoperability
  • Deliver voice quality by validating performance, functionality, and interoperability before deployment
  • Reduce test time through stack-based methodologies for IP Telephony and IMS testing