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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
04120354 C1E1CAB00 Trunk Cable,20m,75ohm,1E1,2.2mm,D9M,SYFVZP75-1.2/0.25*4(S),2*BNC75SM-V 59.65
04120377 C1T1CAB00 Trunk Cable,20m,100ohm,1*T1,0.52mm,D9M,CC4P0.5GY(S),MP8-II 31.31
14040199 ESMB07501 Coaxial Connector,SMB-75ohm,Straight/ Connector-Male,Matching SYFVZ-75-1-1,Gild Electroplating,For OEM 4.47
06010256 NSDCD1600 SD Card,Interface speed 6MB/s and above,32mm*24mm,16GB,Class6 to Class10 28.33
02310NYS U111OSUB1 Analog Subscriber and Analog Trunking Interface Board(12FXO and 12FXS with 10m subscriber cable) 3399.87
03056243 U111SCUB2 eSpace U1911 Switch and Control Board 4175.28
88031UWT U11SLOCREG02 U1911 Local Regeneration Function 1729.76
02356691 U11Z11ACFM eSpace U1911 AC Integrated Frame 5219.10
02359988 U11Z11CFG2 eSpace U1911(AC,1 SCU,1 MTU,16G SD Card,1E1 with cable, 50 Voice Subscriber,4 Voice Mail Concurrent,16 Voice Conference Concurrent Subscribers) 11631.13
02356690 U11Z11DCFM eSpace U1911 DC Integrated Frame 5517.33
02350AFV U11Z15ACEQ eSpace U1911 AC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 10139.96
02350AFU U11Z15DCEQ eSpace U1911 DC Integrated Host(1 SCU,1 MTU) 10438.20
88031DSB U18SVCNSUB01 Voice Conference Concurrent Subscribers License 208.76
88031DRY U18SVSUBPT02 Voice Subscriber Port License(Per Subscriber) 149.12