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4-Site Video Conference Solution with Room Presence

Video conference systems are getting more and more popular in morden enterprises. It can improve the efficiency and productivity of commounication. It gives user an "in-person" expereience between attendants even if they are thousands of miles away. In a lot of cases, it can save a long trip and significantly reduce the logistic cost.

Components of a sample 4-site video conference solution

This simple 4-site video conference solution consists of 3 all-in-one video conference endpoint TE30 in remote officees and one room presence system RP100-46S with the builtin MCU  component in head office.

Huawei RP100-46S video conference solution

TE30 All-in-one Endpoint


High-Definition video conferencing made easy with the Huawei TE30 All-in-One endpoint device. Camera, microphone, and HD codec are integrated into a compact IP-based device that is easy to install and begin using.

Intelligent voice dialing lets users join a conference by simply saying its name. H.264 High Profile (HP) support, plus Huawei’s patented Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technology deliver high-quality dual-1080p video at low bandwidth.

Built-in Wi-Fi, IPv4 /IPv6 support, and APIs for integration and customization make the TE30 ideal for converting a small or medium-sized conference room into a cutting-edge video conferencing facility.

Provides Wi-Fi connectivity to networks, presentation sources, microphones, and touch panels

Adopts new VME + HP dual-core technology, delivering a superior HD experience with just half the bandwidth of competitive offerings

Adopts Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Huawei’s patented Super Error Concealment (SEC) 3.0 for security and smooth conferencing performance with packet loss up to 20%

H.235 media stream and signaling encryption; SRTP, TLS, and HTTPS encryption

Optional built-in Multicast Control Unite (MCU) adds networking flexibility

Front view of TE30

TE30 video conference endpoint

Video on Huawei TE30

RP100-46S Room Presence


RP Series Telepresence Systems turn a small to medium-sized office or conference room into a video conferencing facility with 1 or 2 HD displays. Fixed stand or portable units with built-in 1080p HD codec, HD camera, and microphone combine flexible screen attributes with easy-to-use features.

Remote control and optional Android-based touch panel provide user-friendly graphical interfaces; voice dialing lets you join a conference by speaking its name.

Available with 47-inch, 48-inch, or 55-inch displays, RP models incorporate advanced video processing and error-correction technologies for a smooth, lifelike experience with network speeds as low as 512 Kbit/s.

RP100-46S Front View

RP100-46S front view

Video on RP100-46S

Equipment list for the sample solution

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RP+TE series endpoints Package


HUAWEI TE30, Videoconferencing Endpoint (720P,All-in-One HD videoconferencing system with embedded HD Codec,HD camera and microphone, including cable assembly, Rack and remote control)



HUAWEI RP100-46S RoomTelepresence Solution,46inch,Single Screen



RP embedded MCU Universal Transcoding Multipoint Software Option License, Allows for 4 way Multi-Point video calls and 3 way audio calls, Available for RP system