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Huawei Data Center Facilities

All-in-one Container Data Center

IDS1000-A All-in-one container data center

The Huawei IDS1000-A is highly integrated small-capacity container data center solutions, which integrated all systems in one container, including power supply & distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, anti-fire, lightning protection and monitoring. It features High reliability and security, fast deployment, best mobility, energy-saving and cost-saving. It can significantly reduce customer TCO and improve ROI, is suitable for applications in small and medium enterprises, and also applicable to special mobile scenarios.
40 feet (IDS1000-A40) and 20 feet (IDS1000-A20) are two standard products of IDS1000A.

Cluster Container Data Center

IDS1000-C cluster container data center

IDS1000 - C cluster container data center with flexible, mixing and modular design concept, is committed to help customers to build the green cloud computing data center infrastructure, and realize the availability, safety, agility, scalability and the optimal TCO. IDS1000-C not only can meet the current application requirement, and also support the future "horizontal or vertical" rapid expansion. It is suitable for large and medium data center construction, such as large and medium enterprises rapid deployment, disaster tolerance, limited site rapid construction, etc.


Small Modular Data Center

Featuring All-in-rack design, fast deployment. For small enterprises or branches of large enterprise new-generation indoor data center.

IDS2000-S Small Modular Data Center

To meet the requirements of quick deployment for the indoor data centers of enterprise branches, Huawei has launched the IDS2000-S modular data center solution which is at the end of the date center network and plays an important role for terminal business.

Medium Modular Data Center

IDS2000-M Medium Modular Data Center

IDS2000-M is a new generation modular data center solution. It adopts All-In-Room design and features high density modularization, optimal reliability and security, fast deployment, cost effectiveness, energy saving and excellent monitoring.
As an integrative solution, IDS2000-M is designed for the room area from 10m² to 60m². It integrates cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system and the cabling system. It can support 2 to 16 IT cabinets with the total nominal power capacity from 10kW to 132kW. IDS2000-M offers various options including single row or dual row deployment, as well as aisle containment or without aisle containment deployment. 

Large Modular Data Center

IDS2000-L Large Modular Data Center

To meet the requirements of quick deployment for large scale indoor data centers, Huawei has launched the DS2000-L modular data center solution. IDS2000-L is a new generation modular data center solution with complete integration of rack cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling systems, cabling systems, management software, and much more. It features fast deployment, optimal reliability and security, flexible expansion, efficient energy saving, and excellent monitoring.
IDS2000-L offers a variety of options of single row or dual row deployment. The standard module adopts a compact design which the site area of single module is less then 70m², the height of module is less than 2.8m and the width of container aisle is 1.2m, it support 48 standard racks maximum. It support aisle containment or without aisle containment, span column deployment etc. Cooling system support chilled water or air cooled, horizontal air supply mode or bottom air supply mode.
The solution is suitable for data center which power consumption needs is more than 80 kW, it can be applied in scenarios such us large Internet IDC, information port DC, colocation DC etc.