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9-Site Video Conference Solution

Video conference systems are getting more and more popular in morden enterprises. It can improve the efficiency and productivity of commounication. It gives user an "in-person" expereience between attendants even if they are thousands of miles away. In a lot of cases, it can save a long trip and significantly reduce the logistic cost.

Components of a sample 9-site video conference solution

This  9-site video conference solution consists of 9 video conference endpoint TE60 and the builtin MCU  component, supporting up to 9 video sites and 3 audio sites.

 Huawei video conference solution 9 sites

TE60  Endpoint


Built-in Wi-Fi connects to networks, presentation sources, microphones, and touch panels

VME + HP dual-core technology delivers superb HD-video with half the bandwidth of competing systems

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Huawei’s patented Super Error Correction (SEC) 3.0 provide excellent network

adaptability and security while ensuring audiovisual quality even when the packet loss rate reaches 20%

Compatibility with a variety of protocols enables interoperability with Unified Communications (UC) systems, IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMSs), and other third-party systems

Front view of TE60

Huawei TE60 front view

TE60 rear view

Huawei TE60 rear view


Equipment list for the sample solution

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TE Series Endpoint Packages  
02358367 TE60-1080P30-W-P-02 HUAWEI TE60 HD codec 1080P30, VPC620 HD camera(12x), VPM220W wireless microphone array 9
TE Series License  
88031FTU VC9SMINMCU01 TE Series Mini-MCU Universal Transcoding Multipoint Software Option License, Available for TE30 (4 video sites+3 audio sites), TE40 (6V +3A), TE50 (6V +3A) and TE60 (9V +3A). 1