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Huawei Security

Our new information era is characterized by the exciting transition from single-node to cloud computing, from fixed-line to mobile Internet, from discrete to Big Data, and from the physical to the virtual world.

Security threats are at the very top of the concerns to be considered in this new era. At pace with network environments becoming more complex, so too, the sophistication, and effectiveness of security attacks is also growing. Huawei is acting on the understanding that traditional solutions are a weak match for the cyber security threats that industry and government face today.

Huawei is committed to providing ICT customers with agile network products that deliver unmatched end-to-end security capabilities!

AntiDDoS system DDoS protection DDoS Protection Systems

AntiDDoS8000 DDoS protection system

AntiDDoS1000 DDoS protection
SVN5800 Secure access gateway Virtual Private Network Gateway
SVN5800 Secure Access Gateway
Huawei USG Next Generation firewalls Next Generation Firewall
USG9500 Data Centre Firewall
USG6600 Next Generation Firewall
USG6300 Next Generation Firewall
USG6000v Virtual Firewall
USG2000 UTM Firewall
SVN5800 Secure access gateway Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
NIP2000/5000 Intrusion Prevention System
NIP2000D/5000D Intrusion Detection System
NIP6000 Bext Generation Intrusion Prevention System
Intrusion detection prevention system Anti-APT Based on Big Data Analysis
FireHunter6000 Sandbox
Security Event Management Center