Ship to USA and Canada ONLY

Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
02350YMK 26V3-L-HSSD1800 1.8TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 6453.92
02351FNJ 26V3-L-HSSD600 600GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 2516.12
02350YMF 26V3-L-HSSD900 900GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 3396.88
02351HAM 26V3-L-NLSAS10T 10TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 2923.48
02351HAL 26V3-L-NLSAS10T-02 10TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5"),for High Density Disk Enclosure 3635.80
02350SCX 26V3-L-NLSAS2T 2TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 983.89
02350SMG 26V3-L-NLSAS4T 4TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 1574.52
02351HAJ 26V3-L-NLSAS4T-02 4TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5"),for High Density Disk Enclosure 1580.46
02350SMK 26V3-L-NLSAS4TF 4TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Encryption Disk Unit(3.5") 1832.00
02350SMJ 26V3-L-NLSAS6T 6TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 2147.35
02351HAK 26V3-L-NLSAS6T-02 6TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5"),for High Density Disk Enclosure 2151.80
02350SML 26V3-L-NLSAS6TF 6TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Encryption Disk Unit(3.5") 2493.12
02350TLS 26V3-L-NLSAS8T 8TB 7.2K RPM NL SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 2750.59
02350TLK 26V3-L-SSD3600 3.6TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 12262.29
02351ENX 26V3-L-SSD7200 7.2TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5") 24530.52
02350SLY 26V3-S-15SAS600 600GB 15K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 1851.29
02350YMH 26V3-S-HSSD1800 1.8TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 6453.92
02351FNE 26V3-S-HSSD600 600GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 2516.12
02350YME 26V3-S-HSSD900 900GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 3396.88
02350SLW 26V3-S-SAS1200 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 1858.71
02350SMF 26V3-S-SAS1200F 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS Encryption Disk Unit(2.5") 2329.88
02350SLX 26V3-S-SAS1800 1.8TB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 2760.24
02350SCW 26V3-S-SAS600 600GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 957.92
02350SME 26V3-S-SAS600F 600GB 10K RPM SAS Encryption Disk Unit(2.5") 1290.34
02350SLV 26V3-S-SAS900 900GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 1408.32
02350TLL 26V3-S-SSD3600 3.6TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 12262.29
02351ENT 26V3-S-SSD7200 7.2TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 24530.52
02350SHY 26V3I-L-2C32G-AC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC,32GB,2*6*GE,12*3.5",SPE23C0212) 15101.93
02350SJB 26V3I-L-2C32G-DC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,DC,32GB,2*6*GE,12*3.5",SPE23C0212) 17669.25
02350SJF 26V3I-L-64G-AC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC,64GB,2*6*GE,12*3.5",SPE23C0212) 22301.55
02350SJC 26V3I-L-64G-DC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,DC,64GB,2*6*GE,12*3.5",SPE23C0212) 26093.17
02350SHS 26V3I-S-2C32G-AC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC,32GB,2*6*GE,25*2.5",SPE23C0225) 15101.93
02350SJA 26V3I-S-2C32G-DC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,DC,32GB,2*6*GE,25*2.5",SPE23C0225) 17669.25
02350SJE 26V3I-S-64G-AC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,AC,64GB,2*6*GE,25*2.5",SPE23C0225) 22301.55
02350SJD 26V3I-S-64G-DC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,DC,64GB,2*6*GE,25*2.5",SPE23C0225) 26093.17
88033TKP LIC-26V3-ACCPAK Performance Speedup Solution Suite License(Include SmartTier,SmartCache,SmartQos,SmartPartition) 7458.50
88033NJY LIC-26V3-CACHE SmartCache License 3011.40
88033NKA LIC-26V3-CD SmartDedupe & SmartCompression(for LUN) License 1324.40
88033NJS LIC-26V3-CLONE HyperClone License 2799.30
88033NJQ LIC-26V3-COPY HyperCopy License 2799.30
88033TKQ LIC-26V3-DRPAK Disaster Recovery Solution Suite License(Include HyperSnap,HyperReplication) 5598.60
88033NJL LIC-26V3-HYPPAK Data Protection Software suit License(HyperSnap,HyperCopy,HyperClone,HyperMirror) 6717.20
88033TKX LIC-26V3-METPAK HyperMetro Solution Suite License(Include HyperMetro,HyperSnap) 6034.00
88033NKG LIC-26V3-METRO HyperMetro License 4830.00
88033NJR LIC-26V3-MIR HyperMirror License 2799.30
88033NJK LIC-26V3-NAS Upgrade license from Block to Unified Storage(Include SmartDedupe&SmartCompression(for FS),NFS,CIFS,NDMP,SmartQuota) 1820.00
88033VSA LIC-26V3-NMETRO HyperMetro License(for FS) 3465.00
88033NKF LIC-26V3-PAR SmartPartition License 1274.00
88033NJW LIC-26V3-QOS SmartQos License 1274.00
88033NJT LIC-26V3-REP HyperReplication License 4198.60
88034FEE LIC-26V3-S&NMETRO HyperMetro License(for FS&LUN) 5390.00
88033NJP LIC-26V3-SNAP HyperSnap License 2799.30
88033NJU LIC-26V3-TIER SmartTier License 5095.30
88033NKE LIC-26V3-VAULT HyperVault License 4619.30
88033NJX LIC-26V3-VIR SmartVirtualization License 4510.10
88033TLC LIC-26V3-VIRPAK Integration Migration Solution Suite License(Include 2*SmartVirtualization,HyperMirror,SmartMigration) 5481.70
88033NKD LIC-26V3-WORM HyperLock License 828.80
88033NKH LIC-26V3I-BS Basic Software License for Block(Include Device Management,SmartThin,SmartMultiTenant,SmartMigration,SmartErase,SmartMotion,SmartConfig,Ultrapath,SystemReporter,CloudService) 1820.00
03057380 LPU8FC2000V3 8 port 8Gb FC I/O module(QSFP+) 4355.54