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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
04050242 C0VGA2M01 VGA Extension cable-2M-for HD endpoint use 50.88
04050111 C3RCAC001 DVI-I switch to RCA-13M-for HD endpoint use 190.80
04050171 CBNCSMB04 HD-SDI cable-4M-for VP9000 series endpoint use 24.80
04050118 CCCHDC201 RS232 Cortrol Cable of high definition camera-2m-for HD camera use 11.02
02450790 CDATAUTM1 Terminal Accessory,Data Cable,Usb A Male to Micro Usb 120cm,Black,Terminal Dedicated 6.36
04050822 CDIIVAM40 Microphone cabe,40m,DIIVAM,CC(3P0.254+7C)B(S),DIIVAM,For TEX0 591.48
04050110 CDVHDMI01 DVI(Female)switch to HDMI-2M-for HD endpoint use 44.52
04050540 CDVI02M01 DVI switch to HDMI-0.2M-for HD endpoint use 38.16
04050108 CDVIE1301 DVI cable-13M-for HD endpoint use 222.60
04050094 CDVIEC201 DVI cable-2M-for HD endpoint use 34.98
04050109 CDVIEC601 DVI cable-6M-for HD endpoint use 117.66
04050192 CDVIEXT04 DVI cable-4M-for HD endpoint use 168.54
04050211 CDVIEXT08 DVI cable-8M-for HD endpoint use 139.92
04050498 CDVIHDM06 DVI-HDMI transfer cable-6M-for HD endpoint use 69.96
04050179 CDVITRA01 DVI-I one to four transfer Cable(HDMI,VGA,CVBS,S-VIDEO)-0.2m-for VP9000 series HD endpoint use 41.34
04050095 CDVIVGA01 DVI-I switch to VGA-2M-for HD endpoint use 71.55
04050112 CDVIVGA02 DVI-I switch to VGA-13M-for HD endpoint use 178.08
04050174 CEXRJ4501 Outsourcing Cable,Network Connector Extend Cable,5m,RJ45,CC4P0.5GY(S),MP8-I,Terminal Dedicated 16.85
04050398 CHDMI02M1 MINI HDMI To RJ45 transfer cable- 0.2M-for VPM210 use 31.80
04050827 CHDMI02M2 HDMI transfer cable-0.2M-for TE30 Extention HDMI use 19.08
04050399 CHDMI10M1 MINI HDMI To RJ45 transfer cable-10M-for VPM210 use 54.06
04050113 CHDMI3M01 HDMI Cable-3M-for HD endpoint use 38.16
04050087 CHDMIEC01 DVI switch to HDMI-2M-for HD endpoint use 25.44
04050823 CMIC10M01 Mic cabe-10M-for VPM220 use 73.14
04050177 CMIC35MM1 3.5 Earphone Cable-2M-for HD endpoint use 10.49
04050096 CRCAEC001 DVI-I switch to RCA-2M-for HD endpoint use 31.80
04050088 CSDIC2M01 HD-SDI cable-2M-for VP9000 series endpoint use 71.55
04050891 CSING02M1 DVI-I one to three transfer Cable(HDMI-A+CVBS+S-Video)-0.2m-for HD endpoint use 44.52
04050892 CSING02M2 DVI-I one to three transfer Cable(VGA+CVBS+S-Video)-0.2m-for HD endpoint use 47.70
04051075 CSING25M1 HDVI--DVI&Contral Cable 60.42
04050053 CSING2M01 CVBS Cable-2M-for SD endpoint use 6.36
04050052 CSING2M01 CVBS,S-Video 3 in 1 cable-2m-for SD endpoint use 15.90
04051086 CSING2M02 3.5 Earphone Cable-10M-for HD endpoint use 26.71
04050879 CSING5M01 TEX0 to HD-VI cable-5m-for TE series endpoint and HD Camera use 85.86
04050055 CVCAC5M01 Camera Control Cable&S-Video Cable-2m-for SD endpoint use 15.90
04050165 CVGA10M01 VGA Extension Cable-10M-for HD endpoint use 82.68
04050877 CVIDEO2M1 DP Cable-2M-for TE60 use 25.44
04050175 CVISRJ454 Outsourcing Cable,Visca Exchange RJ45 Cable,4m,RC8S,CC4P0.5GY(S),MP8-I,Terminal Dedicated 12.72
02450789 EEARPCA01 Terminal Accessory,3.5mm Earphone Cable,3.5 Dimensional sound connector(m),(COAX75 black)*2,3.5 Dimensional sound connector(m),2.0m,Terminal Dedicated 6.36
02235002 ER480RC01 ViewPoint 80XX Terminal Remote controller 55.65
23080086 ERCCONT01 Digital Conference System Components,RC-IR,IR Remote controller 222.60
02310PJH VC8M01WMIC HUAWEI VPM220W,Wireless Microphone Array( working with TE30/40/50/60 Series, TX50, DP300 ) 1319.70
21122854 VC8MBRAC1 Camera bracket for VPC600\VPC620\TE30 333.90
02310WWX VC8MTE30OTFA HUAWEI TE30 Accessorial Integration Cable 228.96
02310KDA VC8MVP220M01 HUAWEI VPM220, Microphone Array ( working with HUAWEI TEX0 series endpoints) 874.50
02311QNR VC8MVP220M03 HUAWEI VPM220 Microphone Array (working with TE20/30/40/50/60 Series, TX50, DP300) 874.50
88032UEM VC9SRESHDF02 Huawei VPC800 software license which upgrades 1080P60 to 4K2KP60 1500.00
02311JJH VPC600-12X-00A HUAWEI VPC600, HD Video Camera 5245.41
02311FQN VPC620-12X-00A HUAWEI VPC620, HD Video Camera,12x Optical Zoom 6040.41
02311KAL VPC620-4X-02A HUAWEI VPC620, HD Video Camera(4x Optical Zoom),Overseas 4927.41
02311CFY VPC800-1080P60-12X-00 HUAWEI VPC800,UHD Video Camera(12x Optical Zoom,1080P60) 7312.41
02311GBB VPC800-4KP60-12X-00 HUAWEI VPC800,UHD Video Camera(12x Optical Zoom,,4KP60) 8902.41
02311GJA VPM220-T-00 HUAWEI VPM220T, only support upside-down charging Microphone Array ( working with HUAWEI TE20/30/40/50/60 Series, TX50, DP300 Endpoints) 874.50
02220052 WR480PA02 power adapter,0degC-40degC,100VAC-240VAC,12V3A, AC 3PIN / DC mini DIN 4PIN,Length of Wire 1.2M, CCC/CE/UL/GS/BSMI/FCC/PSB/ST,ERP V,Desktop Adapter,No AC Line 146.28
02130808 WVCTPOW01 AC/DC Adapter-0degC-40degC-100VAC-240VAC-24V/4.17A-9035-Terminal Dedicated 667.80