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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
31070642 LIC-Dorado-ISM03 HW Integrated Storage Manager-Device Management License for Dorado 0.02
31070643 LIC-Dorado-UP03 OceanStor HW UltraPath Software License 0.02
8170G0GC LSTLASYNC06 HyperMirror/A Asynchronous Remote Replication Function 12667.30
8170G0GA LSTLSNAPC10 HyperImage SnapShot Function 8443.60
8170G0GB LSTLSYNC06 HyperMirror/S Synchronous Remote Replication Function 12667.30
0405G017 MINISAS-6 High Speed Cable,External MiniSAS Cable,6m,External MiniSAS 26 Pin Plug,24AWG*8P,External MiniSAS 26 Pin Plug,Key2,4,6 273.00
0235G7CM SSD-SLC-200GB 200GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 8660.20
02350MSR SSDM-600G2S-A2 600GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(2.5") 5600.93
0235G7PD STTZ01IEX2 2*10Gbps Ethernet I/O modules(Total 2 ports) 4434.83
0235G7PC STTZ01IS62 2*4*6Gbps SAS-wide I/O modules(Total 2 ports) 2587.99
02358720 STTZ12DAE24 High Performance Solid State Storage System Disk Enclosure-AC(2U,AC,DAE12425U2) 7552.50
0235G752 STTZ14SPES OceanStor Dorado5100 High Performance Solid State Storage System Controller Enclosure(AC,1000K IOPS,8GBps Bandwidth,8*8G FC Front-End Port,4*24G SAS Back-End Port,SPE61C0200) 44074.38