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Huawei Cloud Computing & Data Centers

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  • Scale—$40B in revenue & 150,000 global employees with products used by 45 of the top 50 telcos worldwide

  • Innovation—$4B invested in R&D annually with 70,000 engineers and 16 R&D centers; 27,000 patents granted worldwide

  • Solutions—Datacenter & Campus Networking—Switching, Routing, Wireless & eLTE, Servers & Storage, Video Conferencing & Telepresence

  • Verticals—K-12 & Higher Education, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Large Enterprise

  • Services—Professional Services, Training & Certification, Technical Services with 1,100 field engineers and 240 stocking locations

ActForNet is a Huawei authorized reseller and authorized specialist in cloud computing, UC&C and enterprise networking. We carry the full range of Huawei enterprise products and a number of Huawei consumer products. Compared with other competitors in the market, Huawei provides Better Quality at Lower Price!

Rack Servers--RH series

The RH series rack servers support two or four Intel® Xeon® high-performance CPUs with shelf heights of 1 U, 2 U, or 4 U. These servers provide high density, large-capacity storage, high performance, high reliability, high scalability, which lowers customers' cost.

Blade Servers--E series

As your IT traffic grows, you need a blade server platform that meets requirements for reliability, high performance, and supercomputing for low, mid-range and high-end services. This blade platform gives you what you need: flexible configurations and integrated subsystems for computing, switching, storage, I/O, and management, and energy-efficient 12V DC power.
The platform also provides virtualization and high scalability; it’s optimized for large-scale, high-density IT usage for telecommunications, enterprises, Internet applications, and scientific computing.

High Density Servers--X series

X Series High-density Server is designed for cloud computing and data center applications. It combines benefits of cabinet servers with high scalability and blade servers with high density. Provides solutions for a lower power, higher density and server virtualization consolidation for enterprise operations.

Storage Systems

Featuring high reliability, intelligence, and high performance, Huawei Disk Storage effectively meet customers’ requirements for centralized storage, high-availability clustering, data sharing, etc. Huawei storage solutin includes the following product lines:


Unterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is becoming mandatory for mission-critical businesses. Loss of service means loss of revenue. So a good UPS solution is able to improve your service availablity, increase your customer satisfaction. Huawei USP solution includes the following series: