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Huawei IDS2000-L Large Modular Data Center

To meet the requirements of quick deployment for large scale indoor data centers, Huawei has launched the DS2000-L modular data center solution. IDS2000-L is a new generation modular data center solution with complete integration of rack cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling systems, cabling systems, management software, and much more. It features fast deployment, optimal reliability and security, flexible expansion, efficient energy saving, and excellent monitoring.

IDS2000-L offers a variety of options of single row or dual row deployment. The standard module adopts a compact design which the site area of single module is less then 70m, the height of module is less than 2.8m and the width of container aisle is 1.2m, it support 48 standard racks maximum. It support aisle containment or without aisle containment, span column deployment etc. Cooling system support chilled water or air cooled, horizontal air supply mode or bottom air supply mode.The solution is suitable for data center which power consumption needs is more than 80 kW, it can be applied in scenarios such us large Internet IDC, information port DC, colocation DC etc.


Product Features

Fast Deployment

  • Factory prefabricated components can be rapidly assembled on-site, deployment cycle is reduced to 8-12 weeks, and the construction period is shortened by 50% or more.
  • Less site restrictions, using row-level air conditioner that provide cool air horizontally, without a raised floor.

Energy Saving

  • Cold aisle/ hot aisle containment technology avoids the mixture of cold and hot air, thereby significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • For high-density scene, the row-level air conditioners are used to close heat sources, which observably improve the cooling efficiency.
  • Comparing with the traditional data center, energy consumption of IDS2000 solution is reduced by 30 % to 50 % and PUE is as low as 1.3.

Flexible Expandability

  • Modular components and a unified-standard interface make flexible expansion based on rack-unit or module-unit, and avoidance of over investment.
  • Deployment on demand, the rated-power density can be smooth upgraded from 1W to 21Kw.

Smart Management

  • Huawei NetEco management system can monitor all data center infrastructure uniformly including electricity, environment, video, access control etc.
  • The comprehensive intelligent management platform provides functions such as alarm management, report management, work order management, energy efficiency management.
  • Opening standard northern interface can be rapidly integrated with mainstream NMS or layer-2 management systems.


Product Specification




High density solution

Low density solution

Maximum number of server cabinets of single module


Dual row: 42
Single row: 21

Maximum IT capacity of single module


Dual row: 294kW
Single row: 147kW


Dimensions (H × W × D)


Effective depth


Installing space


Aisle Containment

Skylight Dimensions (H × W × D)


Sliding door Dimensions (H × W × D)


Double door Dimensions (H × W × D)


Precision Power Distribution Cabinet

Input Voltage

Three-phase380V, 50Hz /Three-phase 480V, 60Hz

Three-phase 380V, 50Hz


Two three-pole 250 A switches(380V, 50Hz)

Two three-pole 250 A switches

Two three-pole 200 A switches(480V, 60Hz)


30 three-pole 20 A switches(380V, 50Hz)

Forty-eight single-pole 40 A circuit breakers and two single-pole 16 A circuit breaker

30 three-pole 40 A switches(208V, 50Hz)



Modular UPS

Traditional Tower UPS

Input Voltage

Three-phase 380V,50Hz/Three-phase 480V, 60Hz

Three-phase 380V,50Hz


Maximum 360kVA (380V, 50Hz)


Maximum 500kVA (480V, 60Hz)

Precision Air Conditioner


Row level precision air conditioner

Room level precision air conditioner

Input Voltage

380V/50Hz, 480V/60Hz


Cooling capacity


Computing room:
Power room: 30kW/60kW/70kW

For more details, please refer to Huawei IDS2000 Modular Data Center Solution Brochure (PDF).

Deployment Scenarios

Application scenarios:New large scale high power density data centers or reformation and expansion of traditional data centers.

Solution:Adopting cold aisle / hot aisle containment, efficient modular UPS, horizontal air supply mode, row-level precision air conditioners which air-cooled type and chilled water type CRAC are optional, as well as no need raised floor. The rated power density can be up to 21kW per rack.

Application scenarios:New large scale medium &low power density data centers or reformation and expansion of traditional data centers.

Solution:Adopting cold aisle / hot aisle containment, flexible deployment by single row or dual row, bottom air supply mode, room-level precision air conditioners which air-cooled type and chilled water type CRAC are optional. The rated power density can be smooth upgraded from 1kW to 7kW per rack.