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14190193 3PIN-250V-20A Power Connector,3PIN,250V,20A,Multi Type,AC Socket,Screw Crimping Type 3.80
33010495 CON12M Sensor Signal Controller,9V~16V,infrared detector,12m detect distance 33.00
01073093 DBU20BN12A1 Li Battery 5000.00
11020093 DC48V400A1A Contactor,Normally Open,DC48V Contact,400A,1a(SPST-NO),48Vdc Coil,Double Coil,DC Contactor 55.00
02316403 Delta CUC-09HA Functional module CUC09HA controller of MCS48/120-ZLUA,MCS48/180-ZLUA,MCS48/300-ZMUA 301.00
02130838 Delta ESR-48/56A C rectifier-40degC-75degC-90V-300V-54V/50A-ESR-48/56A C 354.00
52220422 DKBA04850F6 F6 air filter 150.00
52220171 DKBA048515 F6 air filter 100.00
02311FWK DPU30DN06A1 DPU30D-N06A1-1500W Blade Power Module 3950.00
19040161 E60V30A00 Protection Tube,Slow Blow Fuse,60V,30A,UL,0.002ohm,4000A*A*Sec,UL 2.00
02310CRW EDU10D01 EDU10D 3100.00
02316005 EEPMU0300 Power System Monitor Module-EPMU03 198.00
32030068 EFAN34W04 Fan Subassembly,36V,75V,120*120*25.4mm,450mm,4PIN,15.84W,4.257m^3/min 19.00
03022HNS EFAN34W05 Fans Interface Extend Board 180.00
32030121 EFANOOO00 Fan,36V,60V,D225*99mm,600mm,4Pin,125W,750CFM 94.00
20020625 EHeatAL00 Instrument,Three phase ammeter for monitor,Measurement range 0.2~100A,Energy accuracy 1.0,One GT20-3*100/20 Transformer 185.00
33010444 ELILSEN02 Liquid Level Sensor 27.00
19020100 ELPB20K01 Power Lightning Arrester,15KA,Protection level 200V,+24V,Terminal,Installation By Guide Rail 10.00
04080342 EN05MDB15 Monitor&Alarm Cable,DPU30D-N06A1 Dry contact alarm wire,5m,DB15 Connector Waterproof Cap Seal(Side Waterproof),Symmetry Twist Cable,Conductor Cross Section 0.25mm^2 18.00
03021YJY EN11AFBD 2*2.3U power back plane 160.00
03021QHW= EN1EN21IOBASP AC&DC Signal Transfer Board Spare Part 394.00
02310EHG EN1MD2113A3 DC Distribution Unit,48V,10A,1U 601.00
02310EHH EN1MD2132A2 DC Distribution Unit,48V,30A,1U 587.00
02310EMB EN1MD4192A2 DC Distribution Unit,48V,90A,2U 1159.00
02310CSV EN1MDJ061A1 Electronic DC distribution module 1126.00
02310MKF EN1MMHSM06A Site Monitor Unit 620.00
02310MDA= EN1MRC3N1A1SP R4830N2-30A Normal Efficiency Rectifier-Spare 1235.00
03021RKT= EN21AFBA0001SP System detect black board Spare Part 409.00
03023FWP EN21COME Manufactured Board,CIM02C1,EN21COME,communication interface module 2000.00
03021MNA EN21CTLE0001 EN21CTLE 1000.00
03021RFX EN21DETA0002 User Interface Board 395.00
03021QGD EN21DETB0001 AC DC detect board 1100.00
03022HNS= EN21DETI00SP Fans Interface Extend Board Spare Part 234.00
03021QHU EN21LEDA0001 EN21LEDA 75.00
52220118 EN3HX45FAN00 ITS1000M-Maintenance Fan 300.00
52220127 EN3HX45FAN01 ITS1000M-Integrated Equipment Spare Part-Air filter(G4) 50.00
06310069 EN3M0PWR06 Network Card,WIFI,1 port,USB 2.0,without Driver CD,2.4G, 802.11b/g/n, -20-70degC 31.00
03020LRQ EN3MCPMU0001 Power Monitor Unit 682.00
02310CPB EN3MCPMU0002 Power Monitoring Unit 916.00
02316391 EN3MCPMU0100 Power System Monitor Module 651.00
03020WXJ EN3MMONIIB01 Monitoring Interface Board 657.00
02319622 EN3MMONIIM00 Power Monitor User Interface Module 193.00
03020YWK EN3MPW31CMAA Power Monitor Board 474.00
52270143 EN3PRECAC050 Precision Air-conditioner,500W ,48VDC, -15~55degC, Air Cooling, Under Deliver Wind, Single Cool,R134A,No Backup 2600.00
52270147 EN3PRECAC150 Precision Air-conditioner,1500W/(65W/K),220VAC/-48VDC,50Hz/60Hz,-40degC/60degC,Air cooling, Under Deliver Wind, Single Cool,R134A,No Backup,DKBA0.480.1966,English&Chinese 2800.00
52270967 EN3PRECAC152 Precision Air-conditioner,Air Cooled,1.5kW,NetCol2000,Horizontal Flow,-48VDC,0Hz,Cooling Only,R134a,EC Fan 2250.00
52271013 EN3SAH3000 3000W Intelligent Heat Exchanger 4500.00
04080336 ENCC8P0.5PB00 Monitor&Alarm Cable,DPU30D-N06A1 comm. with RRU wire,5M,(DB15M+D15Waterproof Cap Seal(Side Waterproof)),(CC8P0.5PB(S)),(DB15M+D15Waterproof Cap Seal(Side Waterproof)),with DB connector waterproof cap seal,NO 13.00
04080335 ENCC8P0.5PB01 Monitor&Alarm Cable,DPU30D-N06A1 Comm. series wire,1M,(DB9M+D9plastic casing(waterproof)),(CC8P0.5PB(S)),14060036/14060266,(DB9M+D9plastic casing(waterproof)),NO 10.00
04080334 ENCC8P0.5PB02 Monitor&Alarm Cable,Blade power Comm.with blade Li battery wire,1.6M,(DB9M+D9plastic casing(waterproof)),(CC8P0.5PB(S)),(DB9M+D9Waterproof Cap Seal(Side Waterproof)),NO 10.00
27011710 ENCZJHQXTX01 Omni-directional Antenna,824-960/1710-2170MHz,>=1.0dBi(824-960MHz)&>=2.5dBi(1710-2170MHz),perpendicular polarization,omnidirectional,10W,SMA/Male 70.00
20020323 ENDCEMMSVC1 Instrument,DC Energy Meter,DC Energy Meter,measure scale:Voltage(20~90Vdc),Current(-200/+200A).Supply voltage:-36~-72Vdc,4-way independent voltage, current, power&energy 650.00
52220124 ENMEMLOCK000 Mechanical lock for Mini shelter 52.00
02310HTP ENMMHSM02B0 Site Monitor Unit 843.00
02310HTP= ENMMHSM02B2SP Site Monitor Unit SMU02B Spare Part 1919.00
04070037= ENSIGCBL00SP Single Cable,1.2m,H4(2.5),3*22UL3385B,Sensor33010116 4.00
01072601 ETP48200-C5C4 ETP48200-C5C4 3150.00
01072468 ETP48200C5B4 ETP48200-C5B4 2750.00
01072469 ETP48200C5B5 ETP48200-C5B5 2750.00
01072608 ETP48300-C6A1 ETP48300-C6A1 4150.00
14190718 GFC60V50AM4 Power Connector,2P+1H+2P+24S+3P,300Vac,60Vdc,85A,golden finger connector,M4 screw mounting 5.00
14190797 GFC60V50AM5 Power Connector,2P DC+4P S+3P AC,300Vac 60Vdc,65A,golden finger connector,12AWG/10AWG 5.00
32010084 GM-FAN FAN,36V,75V,24.96W/36.96W,4.347m^3/min,92*92*38,450mm,PWM,4PIN 19.00
02235811 H80MBATHAT01 Film Heater(AC 220V,70W) 32.00
02070141 HW-2804V21 HW-2804V2 245.00
52270260 IDSPRECIAC01 1500W DC Intelligent Heat Exchanger 4000.00
02070077 KEYCONTROL01 KEYCONTROL-E12 1420.00
02070074 KEYCONTROL02 ELOCK 134.00
02231YAR LPSCC800B1 Lamp Unit 41.00
02231XRW MOSCC800B1 Network Interface Module,with Installation Subassembly 1500.00
19040070 NACF10A01 Slow Blow Fuse,250V,10A,UL Spec,0.01ohm,137A*A*Sec,UL/CSA Approved 0.40
19040134 NACF10A02 Slow Blow AC Fuse,250V,20A,UL/CSA Spec,0.0042ohm,575A*A*Sec,UL 1.00
14190215 NC2P30A01 Power Connector,2Pin,220V,30A,Straight Female,2.5mm^2-4mm^2 without crimping terminal/1mm^2-1.5mm^2 with crimping terminal,Easy Power Connector 6.00
07050121 OT600M25M NTC,10000ohm,Negative Temperature Coefficient,Cable Installation,600mm,2.5mm Common Signal Contact 2.00
14190856 PConnect2PIN00 Power Connector,2 PIN,80VDC,40A,Straight male,Water Resistant Connector,One End Mating With Gold Finger,Other End Mating With Straight Female wire terminal(14190857) 25.00
14190857 PConnect2PIN01 Power Connector,2PIN,80VDC,30A,Straight female,1.5mm^2-4mm^2,Water Resistant Connector,Overall Diameter of Wire:11.2-15.8mm,Mating With 14190856 25.00
14190854 PConnect3PIN00 Power Connector,3 PIN,300VAC/400VDC,30A,Straight,Male,Water Resistant Connector,one end mating with gold finger,other end mating with Straight female wire terminal 25.00
14190855 PConnect3PIN01 Power Connector,3 PIN,300VAC & 400VDC,30A,Straight female,16AWG-10AWG,Water Resistant Connector,Overall diameter of wire:11.2-15.8mm,Mating with 14190854 25.00
33010497 PPTCCT30 Sensor Signal Controller,PPTC-0.2A,30Vdc,Insulated Battery Clamp 1.50
02270034 QC-PSU DC/DC Power System,1755W,-10degC~55degC,40V~60V,25V~29V,Yes,27V/65A,No 358.00
02310CXG= R4815G1SP Function Module,R4815G1,EN1MRC2G1A2, 870W High Efficiency Rectifier 1600.00
02310JUU= R4815N1SP Function Module, R4815N1, EN1MRC2N1A1,1000W Normal Efficiency Rectifier 1079.00
02310DTR= R4830G1SP R4830G1 1U 30A High Efficiency Rectifier Spare Part 1911.00
01073002 SCC800B1 SCC800-B1 5000.00
02311HLN SMU02B1 Function Module,SMU02B1,SMU02B1,main control module 800.00
02311BQV= SPAIM01C1SP AIM01C1 980.00
03022SSK= SPEN21AFBBSP EN21AFBB 140.00
03022TPX= SPEN21CSMBSP IBOX-Zigbee Board 418.00
03022TNN= SPEN21DETDSP EN21DETD 280.00
03022GMF= SPENSMU06CSP SMU06C Power monitor board Spare Part 2140.00
02310XXL= SPR4850G6SP R4850G6 1U 3000W High Efficiency Rectifier 2357.00
02310NBS= SPUPSMTemHum00SP Temperature and Humidity Module 300.00
03023FNM UIM03D1EN21C Manufactured Board,UIM03D1,EN21CTLQ,user interface module 170.00
02120559 W048FAU0A FAN 02A,303 280.00
19020182 WARRESTER801 Power Arrester,40KA,500V,80VDC,Terminal,Guideway Mounting 14.00
11020053 WCONTACTOR01 Contactor,Double Coil,48V Coil,48V Contact,200A Normally Closed DC Contactor 62.00
11020056 WCONTACTOR02 Contactor,Double Coil,48V Coil,48V Contact,200A Normally Opened DC Contactor 62.00
11020057 WCONTACTOR05 Contactor,DC contactor,48V ,50A, Normally Opened ,48V DC,Power dedicated 49.00
11020094 WCONTACTOR06 Contactor,Normally Closed,DC48V Contact,200A,1b(SPST-NC),48Vdc Coil,Double Coil,DC Contactor 51.00
11020096 WCONTACTOR07 Contactor,Normally Opened,DC48V Contact,200A,1a(SPST-NO),48Vdc Coil,Double Coil,DC Contactor 51.00
11020095 WCONTACTOR08 Contactor,Normally Closed,DC48V Contact,400A,1b(SPST-NC),48Vdc Coil,Double Coil,DC Contactor 55.00
03020NXE WD2M00CMUA00 Central Monitor Unit 1010.00
03021PYS= WEN11AFBBSP power back plane spare part 1012.00
03021TKC= WEN11AFBCSP TP4860C power back board-Spare Part 430.00
03022DUA WEN11AFBI 2*2.5U power back plane 173.00
03022DUA= WEN11AFBI001SP 2*2.5U Power Backplane Spare Part 346.00
03021RKT WEN21AFBA System detect black board 210.00
03021MNA= WEN21CTLESP TP483000D Main Controller Board Spare Part 1541.00
03022QLM= WEN21CTLH01SP Power monitor board 2140.00
03021QGD= WEN21DETBSP AC&DC signal detect board Spare Part 1799.00
03022QCU= WEN21DETH00SP Rectifier hardware address board spare part 78.00
03021QHU= WEN21LEDASP TP483000D LCD Connect Board Spare Part 76.00
19020141 WLA220W03 Power Lightning Arrester,40kA,Protection level 1.8kV,385VAC,Terminal,Guideway Mounting 20.00
19020142 WLA220W04 Voltage Limiting Protective Device,Gap,255VAC,40KA,1.5KV,Guideway Mounting 20.00
23040193 WLCDMODULE01 LCD Module,Single Screen,STN Positive,128*64,Yellow/Green,13mm,FPC 19.00
23040250 WLCDMODULE02 LCD Indication Module,single LCD,FSTN,81.3X64.8X2.2mm,240X160 dots,Black on White,33:41,8.8mm,no TP,FPC conect,Power Dedicated 41.00
03022GMF WPSMU06C1 Power monitor board 1650.00
02310EHW WPSU05A02 Rectifier,5A 784.00
02310KCK= WPSU100A1SP R48100G1 1U 6000W High Efficiency Rectifier Spare Part 5330.00
03020UTD= WPW31PCBBSP Power Common Building Board-Spare Part 445.00
03020THS= WPW31SMIASP PW31SMIA Spare Part 97.00
16020305 WRESIDUAL001 Residual Current Operated Circuit-Breaker,AC230V or 400V,10A,1P+N,4.5KA,Tripping Characteristic C,36*71*90,Rail Mounting,A type Residual Current 30mA 163.00
16020349 WRESIDUAL002 Air-break Switch,Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker,AC230V,10A,1P+N+L,4.5KA,C,80*36*80,no,AC 35mm Rail Mounting 38.00
02231YAQ WSSCC800B1 Water Sensor,with Installation Subassembly 6.00
03021AER= WWD22DLPCSP DC Power Lightning Protection Board Spare Part 141.00