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Distributed Converged Cable Access Platform (D-CCAP)

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Distributed converged cable access platform(D-CCAP) meets the requirements of triple-play network services over hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) networks of multiservice operators (MSOs) because of unique advantages of the D-CCAPs, such as high bandwidth and supporting HFC networks.

D-CCAP supports residential access, L2VPN and L3VPN, and WLAN hotspot backhaul services.It provides broadcasting TV, VoD, HSI, and PacketCable voice services for users.

D-CCAP and FTTH support synergic network construction sharing the same platform and support "intra-subrack board separated". "Intra-subrack board separated" means that different boards in an OLT subrack connect to cable users and FTTH users respectively.

Components of D-CCAP

A typical Huawei D-CCAP solution includes the following components:

Core components:

  • OLT
  • CMC
  • CM

Related components:

  • ODN
  • U2000

D-CCAP solution

Redommended Product Combination

Recommended product Combination

Smart NG-OLT MA5800


The MA5800, the multi-service access device, is an 8K ready OLT for the Gigaband era. It employs distributed architecture and supports PON/10G PON/TWDM PON in one platform. The MA5800 aggregates services transmitted over different media, provides an optimal 4K/8K video experience, implements service-based virtualization, and supports smooth evolution to 100G PON.
The MA5800 series is available in three models: MA5800-X17, MA5800-X7, and MA5800-X2. They are applicable in FTTB, FTTC, FTTD, FTTH, and D-CCAP networks.
The MA5800 can meet carriers' demands for Gigaband network with wider coverage, faster broadband, and smarter connectivity. For carriers, the MA5800 can provide superior 4K/8K video services, support the implementation of a smart home and all-optical campus plan, and connect home user, enterprise user, mobile backhaul, and Internet of Things (IoT) services in a unified way. Unified service access can reduce central office (CO) equipment rooms, simplify network architecture, and minimize O&M costs.

Front view of MA5800

SmartAX 5800 OLT


Gigabit aggregation of services transmitted over different media:The MA5800 leverages the PON/P2P infrastructure to integrate fiber, copper line, and CATV line networks into one access network with unified architecture. On a unified access network, the MA5800 carries out unified access, aggregation, and management, simplifying the network architecture and O&M.

Optimal 4K/8K video experience:A single MA5800 supports 4K video services for 16 thousand homes and can be upgraded to support 8K video services. It uses distributed caches that provide greater space and smoother video traffic, allowing users to start a 4K/8K video or zap between 4K/8K videos more quickly. The video mean opinion score (VMOS) video probe monitors and diagnoses 4K/8K video quality, guaranteeing a good video experience for users.
Service-based virtualization:The MA5800 can logically partition a physical access network. Specifically, it can allocate multiple virtual OLTs to different services (including home, enterprise, and IoT services) to support carriers' smart operations such as differential multi-service operations and network wholesale to Internet service providers (ISPs), thereby reducing CO equipment rooms and operation costs and encouraging deployment of new services with a better experience.

Distributed architecture:The MA5800 is the first OLT with distributed architecture in the industry. Each MA5800 slot offers non-blocking access to sixteen 10G PON ports and can be upgraded to support 100G PON ports. The MAC address and IP address forwarding capacities can be smoothly expanded without replacing the control board, which protects carriers' investment and allows step-by step investment.







Dimensions (W x D x H)

493 mm x 287 mm x 486 mm

442 mm x 287 mm x 486 mm

442 mm x 268.7 mm x 263.9 mm

442 mm x 268.7 mm x 88.1 mm

Maximum Number of Ports in a Subrack

  • 272 x GPON/EPON
  • 816 x GE/FE
  • 136 x 10G GPON/10G EPON
  • 136 x 10G GE
  • 544 x E1
  • 240 x GPON/EPON
  • 720 x GE/FE
  • 120 x 10G GPON/10G EPON
  • 120 x 10G GE
  • 480 x E1
  • 112 x GPON/EPON
  • 336 x GE/FE
  • 56 x 10G GPON/10G EPON
  • 56 x 10G GE
  • 224 x E1
  • 32 x GPON/EPON
  • 96 x GE/FE
  • 16 x 10G GPON/10G EPON
  • 16 x 10G GE
  • 64 x E1

Switching Capacity of the System

7 Tbit/s

480 Gbit/s

Maximum Number of MAC Addresses


Maximum Number of ARP/Routing Entries


Ambient Temperature

-40°C to 65°C

Note: The MA5800 can start up at a lowest temperature of -25°C and run at -40°C. The 65°C temperature refers to the highest temperature measured at the air intake vent

Working Voltage Range

-38.4V DC to -72V DC

DC power supply:         

-38.4V to -72V

AC power supply:

100V to 240V

Layer 2 Features

VLAN + MAC forwarding, SVLAN + CVLAN forwarding, PPPoE+, and DHCP option82

Layer 3 Features

Static route, RIP/RIPng, OSPF/OSPFv3, IS-IS, BGP/BGP4+, ARP, DHCP relay, and VRF


MPLS LDP, MPLS RSVP-TE, MPLS OAM, MPLS BGP IP VPN, tunnel protection switching, TDM/ETH PWE3, and PW protection switching


IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, IPv6 L2 and L3 forwarding, and DHCPv6 relay


IGMP v2/v3, IGMP proxy/snooping, MLD v1/v2, MLD Proxy/Snooping, and VLAN-based IPTV multicast


Traffic classification, priority processing, trTCM-based traffic policing, WRED, traffic shaping, HqoS, PQ/WRR/PQ + WRR, and ACL

System Reliability

GPON type B/type C protection, 10G GPON type B protection, BFD, ERPS (G.8032), MSTP, intra-board and inter-board LAG, In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) of the control board, 2 control boards and 2 power boards for redundancy protection, in-service board fault detection and rectification, and service overload control



The MA5633, based on DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1, is a coaxial media converter (CMC) dedicated to CATV network digitization and upgrade to a bi-directional network. It supports high-bandwidth multi-service access for MSOs. With the MA5633, broadcast and television operators are able to provide services including video on demand (VoD), HDTV, high-speed Internet (HSI), voice, and VPN services for home and enterprise users.

Front view



• High bandwidth and multi-service: The MA5633 supports: service access to buildings at a rate of 1000 Mbit/s and to user homes at a rate of 100 Mbit/s; a maximum of 16 downstream channels and a maximum of 4 upstream channels. It fully supports PacketCable standards, and provides various services, such as CATV, HSI, VoD, Layer 2 virtual private network (L2VPN), enterprise access, and Wi-Fi hotspot coverage.
• Compatible with hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) live networks: The MA5633 is compatible with cable modems (CMs) and operations support systems (OSSs) on live networks. The MA5633 built-in power amplifier reduces device insertion loss without changing the existing HFC network architecture.
• Centralized management: The MA5633 supports centralized management. Under centralized management, CMCs are managed as OLT PON ports instead of independent NEs, thereby reducing network maintenance operating expense (OPEX).
• High integration: The MA5633 integrates the ONU, CMTS processing module, amplifier, combiner, and optical receiver, simplifying network deployment and maintenance.
• Platform-sharing with FTTx: The D-CCAP platform, architecture, and NMS can be shared by FTTx, which allows MSOs to smoothly upgrade their networks to support FTTH and provide multiple access modes.

iManager U2000


With the development of the IT and IP technologies and the integration of the telecommunications, IT, media and consumer electronics industries, a revolution in the telecom industry is inevitable. Building a broadband, mobile, and converged network is the developing trend and operators' marketing positioning and business models will have to change accordingly.

All-IP architecture transforms technology- and service-based vertical networks into flattened horizontal networks.
Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) enhances user experience, reduces operation costs (OPEX), and improves efficiency
Network convergence leads to O&M convergence.

To cope with network development, the U2000 incorporates the all-IP and FMC management schemes in order to manage bearer and access equipment in an integrated manner.


The iManager U2000 inherits all the functions of the original T2000, N2000 BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment in a unified manner. It uses scalable and modular architecture to meet various network management requirements and supports smooth upgrade from single-domain management to multi-domain management in order to meet the requirements of integrated network development.

E2E Service Provisioning:
U2000 supports E2E scheduling of IP, WDM, MSTP, microwave, and access services, achieving quick service delivery to fully meet customer requirements.
Quick and Accurate Fault Locating:
U2000 employs an intelligent fault analysis system to accurately locate a fault within seconds. It also supports correlation analysis of alarms to filter out approximately 85% of irrelevant alarms and improves the accuracy and efficiency of fault locating.
Visualized IP Management:
U2000 enables integrated and visualized management and one-click configuration. These features make the learning of IP technologies much easier for traditional O&M engineers and help operators achieve a total reduction in O&M costs.
Quick Integration with OSS Using Rich Northbound Interfaces (NBIs):
The NBIs supported by the U2000 include SNMP, CORBA, XML, and FTP. The U2000 can streamline the transport, IP, and access domains with any interface. Huawei has established a strategic partnership with mainstream OSS vendors worldwide, serving 60% of the global top 50 operators.

Equipment list for the sample solution

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No. Model Description Qty.
1 MA5800-X17 Multi-service Access Module
1.1 Main Equipment
1.1.1 Frame
H90Z1BPLB ETSI Service Shelf, 8-fan 1
1.1.2 Board
Main Control Board & Pinch Board Module
H901MPLB Main Processing Board MPLB 2
PON Access Board Module
H901GPSF04 16-port GPON OLT Interface Board(including Class C+ SFP Optical Module) 1
10G G/EPON Board Module
H901XGHD01 8-port Advanced 10G GPON OLT Interface Board(including Class N1 SFP Optical Module) 1
1.1.3 SFP
10GE Optical Module(SFP+)
OMXD30001 Optical transceiver,SFP+,850nm,10Gb/s,-7.3~-1dBm,-9.9dBm,LC, MM,0.3km 4
1.2 Power Equipment
H901PILA Connect Power Board 2
1.3 Installation Material
1.3.1 Fiber Suite,MA5800,External Fiber Cable Suite
External Optical Fiber Set(LC-LC)
SS-OP-D-LC-M-10 Patch cord-LC/PC-LC/PC-Multimode-A1b-2mm-10m-PVC-Orange 8
External Optical Fiber Set(SC-SC)
SS-OP-D-SC-S-20 Patch cord-SC/PC-SC/PC-Single mode-G.652D-3mm-20m-PVC-Yellow 24
1.3.2 Blank Panel
H80XBP0YWB01 Air Deflector Panel for Service Board Slot (Shielded) 15
H80XBPGPIO01 Blank Panel for GPIO Slot (Shielded) 1
1.4 Software Charges  (Software&License)
NDSSMULSUB22 Per Multicast Subscriber License 10
H80S000ONT09 ONT Access License, Based on Per ONT 512
H80S00GPON09 GPON Port License,Based on per GPON Port 16
H80S010GPON12 10G PON Port License,Based on per 10G PON Port 8
H90MPLB017 MPLB V100R017 System Software Package 2

No. Model Description Qty.
2 CCAP Head End Device
2.1 Main Equipment
H83ZMA563345 D-CCAP access device(AC 60V,DOCSIS 65/87MHz,85/108MHz upgradable,RX/double TX optical transceiver 0 in 4 out,EQAM,WDM(1270/1577nm+1550nm),5/8-24 screw ) 1
2.2 Optical Module
OSX002004 PON Transceiver,SFP+,1577nm(RX)/1270nm(TX),9.95G(RX)/2.488G(TX),2dBm,7dBm,-28dBm,SC/UPC Compatible with SC/PC,SM,-40~85 degc 1
2.3 Installation Material
2.3.1 MXU,Fiber Cable
FSUSAP05 Patch Cord,SC/UPC,SC/APC,Single Mode,G.657A2,2mm,0.62m,LSZH 1
2.4 Software Fee
H83SMA563305 V800R017 System Software Package 1
2.5 Initial Channel Package
H83SBISIC19202 SmartAX MA5633 2 x 96 MHz US 2 x 192 MHz DS (initial D3.1 spectrum package) 1
H83SBISIC3201 SmartAX MA5633 10 US channels 32 DS channels (initial D3.0 channel package without D3.1) 1

No. Model Description Qty.
3 Echolife HG8245Q
3.1 Main Equipment
ECHOLIFE HS8245W HS8245W GPON Terminal,SC/APC,American Standard Adapter,English Documents 5
3.2 Fiber Suite,EchoLife ONT,Optical Patch Cord
FSASA0S03 Patch Cord,SC/APC,SC/APC,Single Mode,G.652D,3mm,3m 5

No. Model Description Qty.
1 iManager U2000
1.1 Main Hardware Equipment
1.1.1 PC Server(For Windows OS/Linux OS)
NSDX00ZYPC10 Common Scale PC Server ,2CPU*2.4GHZ or above,64G,8*600G,HUAWEI 1
1.1.2 Client Hardware
NATHLON23 Desktop,3.5G Or Above,4G Or Above,500G Or Above,DVDRW,Integrated NIC,Gigabit Ethernet NIC,Integrated Audio Card,Internal Speaker,21.5-Inch Or More Widescreen LCD,English Windows 1
1.2 Optional Auxiliary Hardware Equipment
SC1NKEYMOU01 USB,High Quality Keyboard&Mouse,Optional Accessory for ThinClient 1
NS19M0001 Liquid crystal display 1
1.3 Outsourcing Software
NSDP0PWARE11 Linux Single Server System Software (1*OS,1*DB,1*SetSuse) 1
1.4 Self-made Software
1.4.1 Basic Software Suite
NDSSCOMMON03 Common platform Software(Linux Server & Windows Client)(0~2000NEs) 1
NDSSCLIENT09 Client Access Amount License-U2000 1
1.4.2 Function Software(Access Network)
Management Application Package(Access Network)
NSDSANMFUC02 Access NE Management Function Basic Component 1
Resource License(Access Network)
NDSS000PON01 Per PON Terminal Resource License 1
NDSSCONSOL01 Per Serial Port License 1
NDSS00CMTS01 Per CMC License 1
NSDS00SITE01 Per Site Management License 1
NSDS000PNM01 PNM License,Based On CMC 1
NSDS0CABLE01 Cable Test And Diagnosis License,Based On CMC 1
1.5 Documentation
NSDIR16DOC10 iManager U2000 Product Documentation 1