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Huawei EM720 Industrial Grade Mobile Hotspot

The EM720 is a pocket-sized, multimedia broadband data access terminal based on TD-LTE technology that provides Wi-Fi access.

Features a large-capacity 6,000 mAH battery for charging most mobile devices and supports the PC configuration tool.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Huawei’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot — it provides mobile users Internet access using such devices as tablets, PCs, and mobile phones, and meets industry requirements for data services.

Huawei EM720 Industrial Grade Mobile Hotspot



Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

The EM720 is a small Wi-Fi hotspot that enables devices such as pads, PCs, mobile phones, and PDAs to browse web
pages and download data via the LTE network.

Mobile Charger

With a 6,000 mAH battery capacity, the EM720 can charge most mobile devices at least twice.

PC Management

Supports Windows 7, automatic installation


 Specifications  EM720


1.8 GHz: 1,785 MHz to 1,805 MHz

1.4 GHz: 1,447 MHz to 1,467 MHz

Power Level

1.8 GHz: 24 ± 2 dBm

1.4 GHz: 24 ± 2 dBm


1.8 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

1.4 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

Wi-Fi Antenna Sensitivity

54M: –68 dBm @ 10% PER

11M: –85 dBm @ 8% PER

6M: –88 dBm @ 10% PER

1M: –90 dBm @ 8% PER

Maximum Wi-Fi Transmit Power

802.11b: 13 dBm

802.11g: 11 dBm

802.11n: 10 dBm @ 2.4 GHz

Maximum Rate

UL 50 Mbit/s; DL 100 Mbit/s

Dimensions (H x W x D)

121 mm x 70 mm x 23.5 mm (excluding the external antenna)




LI-ion, 3.7V, 6,000 mAH

Output Current