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Huawei DBS3900 eLTE Distributed Base Station


Distributed Base Stations enable radio access for large to small eLTE wireless private networks that provide services such as video surveillance, data acquisition, and data transmission. The base stations’ modular platform consists of a Base Band Unit (BBU3900) and Remote Radio Unit (RRU). Both components feature flexible installation, easy site deployment, low power consumption, and low TCO.

The DBS3900 supports bandwidth up to 100 Mbits/s, and provides higher data transmission rates for users.


eLTE distributed base station DBS3900



High Performance Mobile Broadband Access Network

The DBS3900 supports high data rates. Downlink and uplink rates can reach up to 100 Mbit/s and 50 Mbit/s @ 20 MHz per cell, respectively. For coverage of remote sites such as offshore drilling platforms, the DBS3900 can provide ultra-long-distance coverage up to 100 kilometers. For railways, the DBS3900 provides up to 430 km/h high-speed train coverage.

World’s Leading Professional Broadband Trunking

Based on LTE technology, the Huawei DBS3900 is the world’s leading professional broadband trunking solution. Its advanced features include priority call, call hold, late entry, dynamic grouping, and fallback mode. In addition, the DBS3900 provides outstanding performance for traditional trunking with a group call setup time less than 300 ms and a pre-emptive priority call time less than 150 ms. Combining voice and real-time video trunking in the same base station reduces Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) costs compared to traditional trunking and data service solutions.

Multiband for Diversified Frequency Resources

The DBS3900 supports multiple frequency bands, including LTE-TDD 400 MHz/1.4 GHz/1.8 GHz/2.3 GHz and LTEFDD 800 MHz. Wide frequency band availability simplifies network deployment and allows the system to adapt to various frequency policies with higher flexibility.




Multiple Frequency Bands

TDD: 1.8 GHz/2.3 GHz/2.6 GHz/3.5 GHz/3.7 GHz

FDD: 700M/800M/900M/1.8G/1.9G/2.1 GHz/AWS


3/5/10/20 MHz


GPS, IEEE 1588v2

System Availability

≥ 99.999%

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

≥155,000 hours

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

≤ 1 hour

System Reset Time

< 450 seconds