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Developed by Huawei, FusionSphere is a cloud operating system that meets the needs of customers from a wide range of industries. FusionSphere offers powerful virtualization and resource pool management functions, comprehensive cloud infrastructure components and tools, and open application programming interfaces (APIs).

It helps enterprises to horizontally consolidate physical and virtual resources in data centers and vertically optimize service platforms, facilitating the construction and use of cloud computing platforms. In July 2014, the outstanding performance of Huawei's FusionSphere led to Huawei becoming the only company added to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure during that year. FusionSphere was also recognized as an up-and-coming product in emerging markets.

FusionSphere integrates OpenStack architecture to build up a software-defined data center capability (including SDS and SDN) and optimal automated management capabilities, and supports commercial use of cloud-based telecom services (NFV and network function virtualization).

In addition, FusionSphere is an open, agile, and reliable cloud OS that aims to help enterprises and carriers deploy server virtualization, as well as private, public, and hybrid cloud services. Therefore, enterprises can use standard OpenStack architecture and APIs to choose freely from OpenStack-based third-party products and services, making cloud computing easier.

Here is the Architecture of FusionSphere:
Huawei FusionSphere price architecture

FusionSphere GUI walkthrough

FusionSphere GUI walkthrough is below. For live online access toFusionSphere lab, please contact ActForNet sales team: [email protected].

Login Page
FusionSphere Login page

Home Page
FusionSphere FusionManager home page

Create VM
FusionSphere Create VM

VM Management
FusionSphere VM Management

Disk Management
FusionSphere Disk Management

Network Resource
FusionSphere Network Resource

FusionSphere resource devices

FusionSphere resource virtualization

Resource-Templates and Specs
FusionSphere Resource Templates and Specs

FusionSphere VPC

User Management
FusionSphere User Management

Role Management
FusionSphere Role Management

FusionSphere Monitoring

FusionSphere System