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Huawei M2000/U2000 Network Management System


The eLTE M2000/U2000 from Huawei is a network management system for managing a wide range of elements in wireless enterprise networks, including eNodeBs, eCNS600s, and IPCLKs. The NMS for enterprise evolved from Huawei’s carrier-grade management platform and incorporates many optimization features, such as high integration,high reliability, plug and play


M2000 U2000 Network Management System



Small Size, Big Reliability

The M2000/U2000 uses a PC server that can be deployed in a core network cabinet (such as the eCNS600) or switch cabinet. The small server size requires minimal space and minimal power, helping to keep operating expenses low. What’s more, the server is exceptionally reliable with a mean time between failures of 4,772 days or more and a mean time to repair of less than 30 minutes, guaranteeing system availability of more than 99.99%.

• Cost-Effective Deployment

As the number of LTE deployments grow, so do the demands for reduced maintenance and operating costs. Huawei brings a history of success in developing carrier networks to developing LTE networks for enterprise, along with extensive experience managing cost-effective LTE deployments (including new service rollouts) while preserving high QoS and low maintenance costs.

• Powerful Network Management

The Huawei eLTE NMS is a powerful tool for managing large, medium, and small enterprise networks . The eLTE NMS offers a comprehensive, field-tested, and robust solution with management tools that cover the entire eLTE service lifecycle, from initial installation to full service networking. The eLTE also provides monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting features to meet customer requirements for efficient network operation.for efficient network operation





Hardware Platform

2 CPU IBM x 3650 M4

2 CPU IBM x 3650 M4

4 CPU RH5885H V3

Management Capability (number of equivalent NEs)

≤ 100

≤ 50

≤ 80

Dimensions (H x W x D)

86 mm x 445 mm x 746 mm

86 mm x 445 mm x 746 mm

175 mm x 447 mm x 790 mm


32 GB

Hard Disk

8 x 300 GB

MTBF (hours)




Annual Mean Failure Time (hours)