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FusionAccess Online Lab


FusionCloud Desktop virtualizes and centralizes PC computing and storage resources in the data center, creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Enable end users to access “virtual PCs” using Thin Clients (TCs) — access personal computers and mobile devices, while allowing the enterprise to maintain information security and high service reliability

Deploy an end-to-end solution that encompasses terminal, hardware, software, network, security, and consulting & design services

Transport IT infrastructure into the future with Huawei FusionCloud Desktop Solution — offers flexible access, highly efficient O&M, and stringent data security.

FusionAccess GUI walkthrough

FusionAccess GUI walkthrough is below. For live online access toFusionSphere lab, please contact ActForNet sales team: [email protected].

Login Page
FusionAccess Login page

FusionAccess online lab home

Quick Provision
FusionAccess online lab

FusionAccess online lab desktop


Desktop VM

FusionAccess Desktop VM


Policy management

FusionAccess online lab policy management


Edit Policy

FusionAccess obline lab policy edit



FusionAccess lab alrm display

Status check

FusionAccess Status check

Task Tracking

FusionAccess lab status check


FusionAccess Statistics


FusionAccess Systen overview lab

CloudClient on wWndows


FusionAccess client on Android Tablet