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Huawei eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System

The eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System integrates the functions of a Core Network (CN) device, base station, and dispatching system into a compact chassis. Ideal for rapid deployment in the field where limited coverage area is sufficient.

eLTE core network functions — dispatcher, RF transmitter, antennae, and power supply — are included and preconfigured for quick and easy installation.

Use where the public communication network is down or signals are weak during events or in emergency situations.

Huawei eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System



High-level integration and wide, flexible coverage

• Integrates baseband processing, packet data switching, and scheduling functions into a 2U-height device.

• Provides, schedules, and manages voice, data, and video services. Routes and manages user data.

• Requires only one unit to cover an area up to 50 square km.

• For special coverage requirements, one RRU can connect to an eLTE Rapid for a maximum distance of 10 km, providing significant coverage flexibility.


Fast deployment for first responders and wide environmental adaptability

• Compact design allows operators to quickly deploy a complete broadband trunking system — a crucial requirement for emergency response.

• Requires no parameter configuration, no on-site wireless networking planning, no on-site account, no IP configuration or pre-programmed group, with typical deployment in 15 minutes.

• Installs inside vehicles without modifying the vehicles (vehicle mode) to set up emergency communications in accident locations or for mobile communications. Can also be carried on foot (back-pack mode).

• Provides multiple frequencies, including 400 MHz/1.8 GHz, and multiple bandwidths such as 5 MHz, 10 MHz, and 20 MHz, to help vertical industries deploy networks conveniently.


Optimized base station with the latest trunking services

• Delivers 320 Mbit/s maximum data throughput.

• Enable fast setup: group call setup time < 300 ms; pre-emptive call setup time < 150 ms.

• Features built-in video, data acquisition, and GIS services.




eLTE Rapid

LTE Frequency Band


400M: 380 MHz to 450 MHz,

1.8G: 1,785 MHz to 1,805 MHz

Maximum Number of Users


Maximum Number of Simultaneous Voice Calls


Number of Simultaneous Video Calls


Dimensions of Boxes (Main Box/RF Box/Power Supply Box/Antenna Box)

286 mm x 568 mm x 559 mm


≤ 35 kg (Main Box/RF Box/Power Supply Box)

≤ 17 kg (Antenna Box)

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +55℃

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

≥ 100,000 hours

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

≤ 0.5 hour