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Huawei EM710 Industrial Grade USB Dongle

The Huawei EM710 USB dongle provides Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network access for enterprise users. With the EM710’s powerful data capacity, users can perform mobile office work using PCs or other devices that have USB interfaces.
Users connect the EM710 to a PC through a USB interface, and the EM710 accesses an LTE network for users to log in to enterprise office-automation and email systems, browse web pages, and download data. Users can also connect the EM710 to a device that has a USB interface and runs Microsoft Windows XP/VISTA/7 OS.

EM710 Industrial-Grade USB dongle



 • Maximum transmission rate: DL 100 Mbit/s, UL 50 Mbit/s
• Enables Internet access, data uploading and downloading
• Frequency band: 1.4G/1.8G
• Supports MIMO and 64 QAM
• Working temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
• Supports WINXP/WIN7/VISTA, automatic installation


 Specifications  EM710

Frequency Band

1.8 GHz: 1,785 MHz to 1,805 MHz

1.4 GHz: 1,447 MHz to 1,467 MHz

Power Level

1.8 GHz: 23 ± 2 dBm

1.4 GHz: 23 ± 2 dBm


1.8 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

1.4 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz


5 MHz: -100 dBm

10 MHz: -97 dBm

20 MHz: -94 dBm

Dimensions (H x W x D)

85 mm x 43 mm x 10 mm



Power Supply


Power Consumption

Average power consumption: 4.53W


Mini-USB 2.0

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +60℃