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ActForNet is a Huawei authorized reseller and authorized specialist in cloud computing, UC&C and enterprise networking. We carry the full range of Huawei enterprise products and a number of Huawei consumer products. Compared with other competitors in the market, Huawei provides Better Quality at Lower Price!

Rack Servers

For the past 11 years, Huawei has been committed to developing servers for customers around the world. Huawei servers feature independent design, high performance, and adaptability to enterprise business development.

To meet the various requirement from different companies, Huawei server solution includes the following categories:

Storage Systems

Featuring high reliability, intelligence, and high performance, Huawei Disk Storage effectively meet customers’ requirements for centralized storage, high-availability clustering, data sharing, etc. Huawei storage solutin includes the following product lines:


Unterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is becoming mandatory for mission-critical businesses. Loss of service means loss of revenue. So a good UPS solution is able to improve your service availablity, increase your customer satisfaction. Huawei USP solution includes the following series:


Data Center Facilities

Since its early launch, Huawei's cloud container data center has been implemented in large-scale deployments across China, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. It has a temperature tolerance between -40°C and +55°C, and a 1.25 PUE rating in automated natural cooling program.


Huawei Enterprise IT Solutions

Huawei Cloud Computing

Huawei delivers unified storage solutions for your largest enterprise applications and most demanding technical workloads. Whether your requirement includes NAS, SAN or SSD, Huawei enterprise storage systems can manage data for your largest enterprise applications and your most demanding technical workloads.