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OceanStor ReplicationDirector Disaster Recovery Management Software

Manages multiple types of storage Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions, such as active-active and Three-Data-Center (3DC) DR solutions, and provides DR management for a variety of database applications and virtualization environments.

ReplicationDirector enables you to configure DR tasks with ease, implement DR quickly, and visually monitor the operation of DR services. ReplicationDirector also provides one-click DR drills that do not affect the production site’s services.

See the global topology of your DR resources for easy understanding and verification, and get one-click DR operations that save time when you need the fastest possible response.

OceanStor ReplicationDirector

Product Features


  • Automatic identification of application types and instances ensures application data consistency during recovery operations.
  • Visualized DR topologies and flexible protection policies specific to DR objects simplifies management.
  • User-defined test procedures combine with one-click tests and test data clearing to make testing easy and thorough

Application Scenario

ReplicationDirector can be used in high availability (HA), site-to-site (S2S), active-active, 3DC DR solutions. Among them, S2S, 3DC DR solutions are categorized as replication-based active-standby solutions while activeactive and HA solutions are categorized as business continuity solutions.

Replication-based Active-Standby Solutions

ReplicationDirector provides application-aware, simplified management and DR testing for applications and storage arrays LUNs in the production and DR centers, enabling end-to-end storage DR.

Business Continuity Solutions

ReplicationDirector provides DR topologies and end-to-end monitoring to simplify DR management. Status and changes of DR solutions are intuitively displayed and devices are monitored in real time, enabling you to identify and troubleshoot faults in advance while minimizing the impact and cost of service failover.

Product Specification



Unified Site Management

1:1 S2S DR, 3DC DR, 32:1 cloud DR, and active-active DR

Rights- and Domain-based Management

Grants management resources and rights based on user levels

Disaster Protection

Support for Oracle, DB2, Exchange and SQL Server applications, VMware and FusionSphere virtualization environments, and NTFS file systems

Automatic disaster protection based on storage replication and VIS mirror replication

Flexible protection policies that protect applications, VMs, and LUNs by protected group

Disaster Recovery

User-defined recovery plans that allow customized DR steps and scripts

Support for planned migration, fault recovery, DR testing, test data clearing, and re-protection after failover

DR Monitoring

Display of logical and physical topologies for protected groups

DR-related device information

Status monitoring for DR devices and links

Multiple alarm notifications by icon color, sound, email, and SMS

Disaster protection and recovery reports

High Reliability

Backup and recovery of configuration data, RESTful API


Local site: 32, Remote sites: 32

Protected groups: 256

Protected objects in a protected group: VM: 512, Database: 32, LUN: depends on the number of supported storage array LUN mappings

Protected objects in a system: 3,000

Protected groups executed concurrently: 16

Recovery plans: 256

Recovery plans executed concurrently: 10

Windows: Internet Explorer 8 to 11, Firefox 26 to 29, and Chrome 21 to 35

Linux: Firefox 26 to 29 and Chrome 21 to 35