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OceanStor 9000 Big Data Storage System

Designed for Big Data applications, the OceanStor 9000 storage system features a symmetric distributed architecture that delivers superior performance and extensive scale-out capabilities. A super-large single file system provides Global Namespace functionalities for shared storage of unstructured data.

The OceanStor 9000 is ideal for Big Data applications for film and TV, satellite mapping, gene sequencing, energy exploration, scientific research, education, and provider services.

With advanced processing features and data lifecycle management, the OceanStor 9000 offers the most efficient Big Data storage capabilities for any industry.

OceanStor9000 Big Data Storage


Product Features


  • High efficiency: The system delivers high-performance reads and writes. Using proprietary InfoTurbo dynamic storage tiering technology, the throughput of a single node reaches 1.6 GB/s while the entire system reaches 400 GB/s.
  • Flexible scalability: The system accommodates from 3 to 288 nodes, and the maximum capacity of a single file system can reach 60 PB. Easier system management and maintenance by eliminating data silos.
  • Open convergence: Supports a wide range of interfaces such as NFS, CIFS, NDMP, FTP, and HDFS. One system handles various service applications to manage data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Simplified management: Unified resource management visualization shows automatic performance statistics analyses for efficient resource usage, and one-click capacity expansion provides automatic deployment capabilities.


Product Specification


File Storage Subsystem

System Architecture

Fully symmetrical distributed architecture

Number of Nodes

3 to 288

System Features

Distributed file system, which supports Global Namespace and can be dynamically expanded up to 60 PB


File storage

Front-end Network Types

10 GE, InfiniBand, and 1 GE

Internal Network Types
10 GE and InfiniBand

Data Protection Levels

N+1, N+2, N+3, and N+4

Data Disk Types



Dynamic storage tiering (InfoTier)

Automatic load balancing of client connections (InfoEqualizer)

Space quota management (InfoAllocator)

Snapshot (InfoStamper)

WORM (InfoLocker)

Remote replication (InfoReplicator)

Surveillance video and imagery restoration (SecureVideo)

Data Recovery

Automatic, concurrent, and quick data restoration, with maximum restoration speed of 1 TB/hour

Supported Protocols

NFS, CIFS, FTP, HDFS, NIS, Microsoft Active Directory, and LDAP