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ActForNet Profession Service

If you bough Huawei products from ActForNet, in addtion to the basic warranty coming with the product, you can also purchase Hi-Care extended warranty that gives you better support and coverage of the product. Other than the support provided by Huawei, ActForNet also provides value added professional service that ranging from project deisgn, product deployment, to trousbleshooting.

Many times companies have large projects or implementations that require expert technical resources to meet deadlines, and to effectively complete a Huawei product implementation with minimal issues. ActForNet Professional Services are designed to ensure timely and expert delivery of individual customer projects and may be engaged at any time throughout the project lifecycle.

Service Coverage

Data center network design

Campus network design

Enterprise voice solution design

Enterprise teleprecense/video/cofnrerence solution design

Contact center/call center soultion design

Database/ERP Backup/restore solution

MPLS VPN Solution

IPSec VPN solution

Access Network GPON, FTTX solution design

APT (Advanced Persisten Threat) solution design

Email security solution

Wireless Transport solution

WDM OTN solution design

Wireless LAN solution design

eLTE solution for rural area solution design

SDN solution

Product installation and initial configuration

Security assesment

Peneration test

Risk assessment

Network trousbleshooting


Service Delivery

1. Telephone support

All service customers have access to the toll free service hotline, ranging from 8x5 to 24x7, depending on the service you puchased.

2. Web portal

All service customer have access to ActForNet support portal 24x7 and open a tciket. Our service staff will respond to you either online or by callback within the SLA (srvice Level Agreement). All support tickets will handled on first come, first served basis for the same priority. The service priority is based on the service customer puchased and the crticality of issue itself.

3. On site

On site service is only delivered on demand, depending on the availability of our professiona service staff availability. Usually onsite service is only for large and critical project.

Key Solution Features

Experienced Consultants -- Highly-skilled engineering resources that can solve difficult technical issues and deploy complex architectural designs and implementations.

Direct and Fast Interface into Huawei -- Professional service consultants have direct access to Huawei engineering and support resources to ensure a complete, precise, and timely solution and a successful service engagement.

Professional Services Toolbox -- Consultants come with access to a living toolbox of scripts, architectures, and configurations of proven designs and implementations for Huawei solutions.

Communications and Reporting -- Professional services consultants will provide an initial statement of work for engagements as well as project phases.



ActForNet Professional Services consultants are available at a per-day or per-project rate according to a predefined schedule and a statement of work defining clear deliverables . This is developed and agreed upon between ActForNet and the customer prior to commencement of the consulting engagement. Experienced ActForNet consultants will work directly with the customer to ensure the efficient execution of the project according to the statement of work agreement. To quote for ActForNet professional service, please contac [email protected]