Wireless Bridges

In a lot of networking cases, wiring/cabling is not feasible or economical. So we need a wireless bridge/router to connect two physical networks together or extendent your existing physical network. We carry a varity of wireless (WiFI) routers, bridges and high gain antenas with different signal coverage to meet your specific wireless networking requirement.

Omni-directional WiFi

Omni directional antennas are most commonly are used to create hot spots by transmitting a signal over a large area in all directions or receiving signals in all directions when the transmit location is unknown or close by. Omni WiFi antennas do not need to be pointed since their radiation cone is 360 degrees, working in all directions.

Those devices have omni-directional antenas built-in and support connections from any direction, so it works well in  wide open space like hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, meeting room, office, etc. Currently we have the following two models in stock:

LG-A291 Ceiling Router/AP/Bridge 2.4G 300M 24V PoE

LG-A293 Ceiling Router/AP/Bridge 2.4/5.8G 300M 48V PoE


Directional WiFi

Directional antennas as the name implies refers to signal coverage in a specified direction. Unlike omnidirectional antennas, directionals must be aimed in the direction of the signal transmitter or receiver which can be for example a bridge or repeater.

Those devices have directional antenas built-in and works best for a point to point or point to multiple point scenario. It is a good sulution to connect two sperate networks together over a long range. Currently we have the following two models in stock:

LG-A320 Long Range (5KM) WiFI Bridge/CPE/AP

LG-N800 Long Range (2KM) WiFi Router/Bridge/AP

N800 can run in gateway mode WISP mode or bridge mode

LG-N900 Long Range (3KM) WiFi Router/Bridge/AP



LG-A320 long range wifi bridge

LEGUANG LG-A320 is a long range WiFi bridge epsically designed for outdoor use. It can extend your wired network or connect two wired networks together.

LG-N800 long range wifi router bridge or gateway

LEGUANG LG-N800 is a multiple function wireless router that can be used a a outdoor wireless CPE/bridge, Access Point(AP) or wiress router.