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Quotation Guide

Updated Jun 6th, 2020

Summary:   ActForNet implements a project evaluation process for each quotation it receives.  

     If you are serious, please try to include below information in your quotation request.

        A.  Your company name, address, phone, title

       B.  Project brief and shipping address

       C.  Products configuration and quantity 

       D.  Budget/target price

       E.  Other helpful info

     A. E-mail requirement

         a. Shall be sent from business email. 

         Request from public email address like gmail, hotmail etc will be discarded.

         b. E-mail signature 

        Company name, address, phone, title.

    B.  Project Brief , Shipping address and Trade term.

      1.  Project brief

         a. Describe what issues the project try to resovle.

         b. Shipping address: country and city.

         c. Trade term: FOB, DAP,DDP,etc.

     C.  Product configuration and quantity

          For example, for a server, please specify CPU, HDD, Network, RAID Card configuration.

          You can search the product

          and find in the "datasheet" column to get more insight for product configuration. 

          Some products have filename like "Order Items.xlsx", this excel file list all order-able items for that product.

           e.g: for 2288H v5 : 


           There is   2288Hv5_Order_Items.xlsx

            In this excel file, you can find all the configurable items.

      D.  Project budget/target price range

        Estimated how much financial resource will be put into the project, or the target price.

        For example, my budget for the server is $3000--$6000 

        *** A Budget Range is required for a quotation to be valid***      

        We usually do not quote for bidding.

      E.  Other helpful info

        a. Project schedule time.

        b. Price from other vendor.


 We encourage the requester to send as much project info as possible.

  *Only qualified quotation will be supported and replied.