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  • OptiX OSN 580 MSTP and Hibrid MSTP platform
OptiX OSN 580

Large Capacity: 560G Packet / 560G TDM universal switch, 14 service slots, 5U height with 19 inch
Ultra Broadband: Smart 40G line transport in one port, 100G line ready
Future-proof: OTN hardware ready

OSN 580 is a new-generation optical transmission system developed by Huawei. It adopts a unified switching architecture and can function as an MPLS/MPLS-TP-based packet device or a TDM device. When working with other devices of Huawei, OSN 580 supports various networking modes, including the pure packet mode, hybrid networking (packet + TDM) mode, and pure TDM mode, achieving optimal processing for packet services and traditional SDH services. Thus, OSN 580 efficiently transmits voice and data services over the same platform.

In TDM mode, OSN 580 supports 280 Gbit/s higher order cross-connect capacity and 20 Gbit/s lower order cross-connect capacity. In packet mode, OSN 580 supports 280 Gbit/s packet switching capacity.



Unified switching architecture

OptiX OSN series products use a unified switching architecture, which can meet the requirements of conventional services and mushrooming packet services.

Smart 40G/10G transmission

OSN 580 supports unified transmission of 40 Gbit/s packet and TDM services at a maximum distance of 80 km without optical amplifiers or dispersion compensation. The channel bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted based on the bandwidth of packet and TDM services, reducing the deployment costs of MANs.

Support for 3G/LTE mobile backhaul

OSN 580 provides a comprehensive solution for 3G/LTE mobile backhaul based on its packet domain to achieve scheduling of wireless services at the aggregation layer.

Built-in WDM technology enabling flexible networking

OSN 580 uses the built-in WDM technology to transmit several wavelengths over an optical fiber. This feature allows OSN 580 to interconnect with WDM equipment to achieve flexible networking.

TP-assist, care-free maintenance

The TP-assist implements care-free maintenance solutions for packet transport networks (PTNs) based on the MPLS/MPLS-TP architecture. The OSN 580 provides a planning tool for PTNs, which enables end-to-end visible service configuration of media gateways and instrument-free site deployment. Moreover, the OSN 580 supports automatic fault locating and performance monitoring of packet services.


Specifications OSN 580 OSN 550 OSN 500 (Packet) OSN 500 (TDM)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 221 mm x 442 mm x 224 mm 88 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm 44 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm 44 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm
Service Slots 15 slots 8 slots 3 slots 3 slots
Switch Capacity Packet: 560 Gbit/s
TDM: 280 Gbit/s (higher order), 20 bit/s (lower order)
Packet: 64 Gbit/s
TDM: 20 Gbit/s (higher order), 5 Gbit/s (lower order)
Packet: 7.2 Gbit/s TDM: 21.25 Gbit/s (higher order), 5 Gbit/s (lower order)
Networking Modes Pure packet, hybrid (packet + SDH) or SDH networking
WDM networking
Single fiber bi-directional transmission
Pure packet, hybrid (packet + SDH) or SDH networking
WDM networking
Pure packet
Single fiber bi-directional transmission
SDH networking
Single fiber bi-directional transmission
Power Supply -48 V DC/-60 V DC
220 V AC/110 V AC
-48 V DC/-60 V DC
220 V AC/110 V AC
-48 V DC/-60 V DC
220 V AC/110 V AC
-48 V DC/-60 V DC
220 V AC/110 V AC
Supported Interfaces OTN interfaces: OTU-1, OTU-2/2e, OTU-3(40G, compliant with OTL3.4 standard)
Ethernet interfaces: FE/GE/10 GE/40 GE
SDH interfaces: STM-1/4/16/64
PDH interfaces: E1/E3/E4, T1/T3/T4
ATM interfaces: E1, STM1
WDM interfaces: 40 DWDM wavelengths, compliant with ITU-T G.694.1; 8 CWDM wavelengths, and compliant with ITU-T G.694.2
PCM interfaces: FXS/FXO, 2/4 wire audio and E&M, G.703 64K co-directional interface, V.35/V.24 (sync/async RS232)/X.21, and RS449 (RS423A/RS422A)/RS530/RS530A/RS485, IEEE C37.94

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OptiX OSN 580 MSTP and Hibrid MSTP platform

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