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  • ETP4890  WDM power supply


  • Wide range of AC input voltage from 85V to 300V per phase
  • High rectifier efficiency over 96% helps to save energy
  • Excellent rectifier dormancy function helps to increase system efficiency
  • Wide operation temperature range of rectifier from -40℃ to 75℃
  • Rectifier MTBF≥ 500,000 hours
  • Online-swappable rectifier provides easy installation and maintenance
  • Intelligent battery management and protection helps to prolong battery lifespan
  • Anti-reverse connection of battery polarity function
  • Support site environment monitoring and remote management through dry contact, serial interface or Ethernet interface
  • Intelligent control module with LCD provides visible monitoring
  • Thorough alarms and protection against failures
  • E- label function provides online equipments management over entire network
  • Support installation over standard 19 inch and 21 inch rack


Type ETP4830 ETP4890 ETP48200
System specification Dimension 43.6mm(H) ×442mm(W) ×255mm(D) 86.1mm(H) ×442mm(W) ×255mm(D) 266.7mm(H)×482.6mm(W)×310mm(D)
Weight ≤8kg (full configured) ≤10kg (full configured) ≤25Kg(without rectifiers)
Rated capacity 30A (2PSU) 45/90A (compatible with 15A and 30A rectifier) (3PSU) 200A(4PSU)
Cooling mode Natural cooling
Maintenance mode Front access maintenance, supporting module-level replacement
Cabling mode Cable outlet from the bottom of the cabinet
Installation mode Installed on 19-inch rack or 21-inch rack, embedded in cabinet
Protection level IP20
Environmental specification Operating temperature -40~+70ºC -20~+50℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude 0~4000m (at the altitude from 2000m to 4000m, the temperature declines by 1ºC for each increase of 200m in altitude)
AC distribution AC input 220V single phase/110V dual live wire 380V three phase/220V single phase/110V dual live wire
AC output N/A N/A ETP48200-A6: 1x 20A/1P, 2x 16A/1P MCB 
ETP48200-B6: 1x 16A/2P MCB
AC input voltage 85~300VAC, rated: 220VAC
AC input frequency 45~66Hz, rated: 50Hz/60Hz
SPD for AC input N/A 30/60kA(8/20µs)
DC distribution Output voltage -42~-58VDC, default value: -53.5VDC
maximum output power 2000W 4800W 12000W
Battery branch 1x20A fuse 1×80A MCB 2x125A MCB
BLVD 2x20A fuse 1×10A MCB, 1×32A MCB, 2×40A MCB 1x63A MCB, 1x32A MCB, 3x16A MCB
LLVD N/A N/A ETP48200-A6: 2x100A MCB
ETP48200-B6: 2x100A MCB, 1x20A MCB
Rectifier module Efficiency >96%
Input voltage 85~300VAC, rated: 220VAC
Monitoring unit Sensors interface Gate, water, smoke, battery temperature, environmental temperature & humidity (when configured with convertor box)
Digital input 7 branches (configured with converter box) 6 branches
Alarm output 8 branches (configured with converter box) 8 branches
Communication port RS485/RS232 RS485/RS232, FE


Equipment Configuration

Embedded power includes power rack and rectifiers, signal convertor box, batteries, and sensors.

Power rack: includes AC distribution, DC distribution and monitoring unit.

Rectifier: the capacity of rectifier depends on load and charging current.

Signal convertor box: signal convert box is needed when power needs to configure with sensors for ETP4830 and ETP4890. ETP48200 has been configured with signal interface.

Sensor: battery temperature & humidity sensor, environment temperature & humidity sensor, door switch sensor, smog sensor, water sensor and so on.

Battery: according to load power and backup time to choose battery.


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ETP4890 WDM power supply

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