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folder Vendor Mapping
EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM, DELL storage products maps to Huawei
folder Unified Storage
articles for huawei unified storage, such as S2200T, S2600T, OceanStor 18000, etc.
folder Massive Storage
Huawei Massive Storage document, such as N8000, UDS, N8500, for big data.
folder Backup Storage
Huawei Backup Storage Products document
folder FC Switch
Articles about Features and comparision between Huawei Fibre Channel Switch SNS2124,SNS2224,SNS2248 and those of IBM, EMC, BROADCADE.

Huawei Storage
document Huawei Storage Products Mapping with other vendors'
Huawei Storage Products Mapping with other vendors' Entry Level SAN Only Storage: S2200T; Medium SAN/NAS unified storage: S2600/S5500/S5600/S5800/S6800 Large SAN/NAS Unified Storage: OceanStor 18500/18800 FC Switch: SNS2124/SNS2224/SNS2248 Heterogengeneous Virtual Intelligence Storage: ...
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document Huawei Storage Solution Overview---One page summary of Huawei Storage Solution, software, hardware products
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