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Part# Model# Description List Price (USD) Quote Detail
25030569 C1016G001 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),16mm^2,Green,85A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 12.00
25030427 C1016RE00 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),16mm^2,Red,85A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 12.00
25030722 C1016RE01 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,16mm^2,Red,107A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 12.00
25030745 C1025BRN0 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Brown,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 22.26
25030570 C1025GR00 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),25mm^2,Green,112A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 15.00
25030719 C1025RE00 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Red,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 11.07
25030433 C1025RE00 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),25mm^2,Red,112A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 9.54
25030742 C1035BK01 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Black,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
25030741 C1035BL01 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Blue,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
25030740 C1035BR00 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Brown,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
25030739 C1035GR00 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Gray,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
25030571 C1035GR01 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),35mm^2,Green,138A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 21.00
25030418 C1035RE00 Power Cable,450V/750V,60227 IEC 02(RV),35mm^2,Red,138A,CCC,CE (Unit:meter) 21.00
25030743 C1035YG01 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Yellow/Green,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
25030744 C1050BR00 Power Cable, UL3386, 16mm^2, 450V, 107A, Brown 15.90
25030737 C1050GR00 Power Cable, UL3386, 16mm^2, 450V, 107A, Gray 12.00
03021NMV CE-CMUA Centralized Monitoring Board A 1431.00
03022GCR CE-CMUB Centralized Monitoring Board B 1431.00
21136935 CE-FP-BLK MPU/LPU Blank Panel 93.28
03031KYW CE-FWA CE12800 NGFW Module A, with HW General Security Platform Software 120204.00
03030VTK CE-IPSA CE12800 IPS Process Card A 90153.00
03022DXW CE-L04CF-EF 4-Port-100GE Interface Card(EF,CFP) 54378.00
03022QLX CE-L06LQ-EC 6-Port-40G Interface Card(EC,QSFP+) 20988.00
03021QWD CE-L08CC-EC 8-Port-100G Interface Card(EC,CXP) 57240.00
03022PQV CE-L12CF-EG 12-Port-100GE Interface Card(EG,CFP2) 128790.00
03023XHP CE-L12CQ-FD 12-Port-100GE Interface Card(FD,QSFP28) 32436.00
03022GGA CE-L12LQ-EF 12-Port-40G Interface Card(EF,QSFP+) 31482.00
03022BHF CE-L12XS-ED 12-Port-10GE Interface Card(ED,SFP+) 20988.00
03021KPD CE-L24LQ-EA 24-Port 40G Interface Card(EA,QSFP+) 52470.00
03022MNK CE-L24LQ-EC 24-Port-40G Interface Card(EC,QSFP+) 50562.00
03022VLL CE-L24LQ-EC1 24-Port-40G Interface Card(EC1,QSFP+) 30528.00
03023XVC CE-L24LQ-FD 24-Port-40GE Interface Card(FD,QSFP+) 34344.00
03021MAF CE-L24XS-EA 24-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(EA,SFP+) 31482.00
03022MNQ CE-L24XS-EC 24-Port-10GE Interface Card(EC,SFP+) 26712.00
03022GGD CE-L24XS-ED 24-Port-10GE Interface Card(ED,SFP+) 31482.00
03023CLS CE-L36CQ-FD 36-Port-100GE Interface Card(FD,QSFP28) 64872.00
03022PQY CE-L36LQ-EG 36-Port-40G Interface Card(EG,QSFP+) 53424.00
03023CLT CE-L36LQ-FD 36-Port-40GE Interface Card(FD,QSFP+) 38160.00
03022BET CE-L48GS-EA 48-Port 100/1000BASE-X Interface Card(EA,SFP) 11448.00
03021UNS CE-L48GS-ED 48-Port 100/1000BASE-X Interface Card(ED,SFP) 13356.00
03022BEU CE-L48GT-EA 48-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T Interface Card(EA,RJ45) 11448.00
03021UGA CE-L48GT-ED 48-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T Interface Card(ED,RJ45) 13356.00
03021KNW CE-L48XS-EA 48-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(EA,SFP+) 41976.00
03022MNN CE-L48XS-EC 48-Port-10GE Interface Card(EC,SFP+) 35298.00
03021UFM CE-L48XS-ED 48-Port-10GE Interface Card(ED,SFP+) 41976.00
03021YUW CE-L48XS-EF 48-Port-10GE Interface Card(EF,SFP+) 54378.00
03023XKA CE-L48XS-FD 48-Port-10GE Interface Card(FD,SFP+) 31482.00
03023CLU CE-L48XS-FDA 48-Port-10GE,2-Port-40GE,2-Port-100GE Interface Card(FDA,SFP+,QSFP+,QSFP28) 43884.00
03022PRB CE-L48XT-EC 48-port 100M/1000M/10G Base-T Interface Card(EC,RJ45) 38160.00
03021NUD CE-MPUA Main Processing Unit A 23850.00
03022UGT CE-MPUA-S CE12800S Main Processing Unit A 9540.00
21140731 CE-PM-BLK PM blank filler pannel 58.30
21141026 CE-PM-P-BLK PM Plane 5.09
02114158 CE-RACK-01 FR42812 Assembly Rack(800x1200x2000mm) 5724.00
02113971 CE-RACK-A01 FR42812 AC Assembly Rack(800x1200x2000mm) 7632.00
21136932 CE-SFU04-BLK SFU04 Blank Panel 101.76
03021YUT CE-SFU04A CE12804 Switch Fabric Unit A 6678.00
03021YUS CE-SFU04B CE12804 Switch Fabric Unit B 7632.00
03021KNV CE-SFU04C CE12804 Switch Fabric Unit C 11448.00
03024AUC CE-SFU04G CE12804 Switch Fabric Unit G 17172.00
21136933 CE-SFU08-BLK SFU08 Blank Panel 133.56
03021YUU CE-SFU08A CE12808 Switch Fabric Unit A 11448.00
03021UGY CE-SFU08B CE12808 Switch Fabric Unit B 13356.00
03021KNX CE-SFU08C CE12808 Switch Fabric Unit C 20988.00
03023CLX CE-SFU08F CE12808 Switch Fabric Unit F 20988.00
03023WFB CE-SFU08G CE12808 Switch Fabric Unit G 31482.00
21136934 CE-SFU12-BLK SFU12 Blank Panel 168.54
03021YUV CE-SFU12A CE12812 Switch Fabric Unit A 14310.00
03021UGL CE-SFU12B CE12812 Switch Fabric Unit B 17172.00
03021KNY CE-SFU12C CE12812 Switch Fabric Unit C 25758.00
03023KKC CE-SFU12G CE12812 Switch Fabric Unit G 39114.00
21030978 CE-SFU16-BLK SFU16 Blank Panel 1014.42
03022DXQ CE-SFU16A CE12816 Switch Fabric Unit A 17172.00
03030SUT CE-SFU16B CE12816 Switch Fabric Unit B 20988.00
03022GCW CE-SFU16C CE12816 Switch Fabric Unit C 30528.00
03023CLW CE-SFU16F CE12816 Switch Fabric Unit F 30528.00
03023CLV CE-SFU16G CE12816 Switch Fabric Unit G 61056.00
03022UGS CE-SFUB-S CE12800S Switch Fabric Unit B 9540.00
03022UGR CE-SFUC-S CE12800S Switch Fabric Unit C 15264.00
03023CLY CE-SFUF-S CE12800S Switch Fabric Unit F 18126.00
31186020 CE128-DOC-02 CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches V100R001C00 Product Documentation 228.96
31187160 CE128-DOC-04 CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches V100R002C00 Product Documentation 228.96
31187575 CE128-DOC-06 CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches V100R003C00 Product Documentation 228.96
31188216 CE128-DOC-08 CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches V100R005(C00&C10) Product Documentation 228.96
31188554 CE128-DOC-10 CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches V100R006C00 Product Documentation 228.96
31189184 CE128-DOC-12 Electronic Documentation 228.96
05116734 CE128-DVD-B11 CloudEngine 12800 V100R001C00 Software Package 0.03
05117537 CE128-DVD-B12 CloudEngine 12800 V100R002C00 Software Package 0.03
05118129 CE128-DVD-B13 CloudEngine 12800 V100R003C00 Software Package 0.03
05119175 CE128-DVD-B15 CloudEngine 12800 V100R005C00 Software Package 0.03
05110AAS CE128-DVD-B15-10 CloudEngine 12800 V100R005C10 Software Package 0.03
05110ABY CE128-DVD-B16 CloudEngine 12800 V100R006C00 Software Package 0.03
05110AWA CE128-DVD-B21 CloudEngine 12800 V200R001C00 Software Package 0.03
05110CCX CE128-DVD-B22 CloudEngine 12800 V200R002C00 Software Package 0.03
88031QQW CE128-LIC-B11 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V100R001 9000.00
88031XCD CE128-LIC-B12 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V100R002 9000.00
88032BWA CE128-LIC-B13 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V100R003 9000.00
88032TSS CE128-LIC-B15 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V100R005 9000.00
88033EVS CE128-LIC-B16 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V100R006 9000.00
88033NFQ CE128-LIC-B21 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V200R001 9000.00
88034ACQ CE128-LIC-B22 CloudEngine 12800Basic SW,V200R002 9000.00
81400639 CE128-LIC-BUN01 Function License Bundle 1 36000.00
88032VLQ CE128-LIC-BUN03 CE12800 Function License Bundle 3 54000.00
81400590 CE128-LIC-EVN EVN Function 22500.00
88032UMC CE128-LIC-FCF48 CloudEngine 12800 FCF 48 Ports 9000.00
88032UMF CE128-LIC-FCFAL CloudEngine 12800 FCF All Ports 36000.00
81400471 CE128-LIC-IPV6 IPv6 Function 4500.00
81400321 CE128-LIC-MPLS MPLS Function 22500.00
81400322 CE128-LIC-TRILL TRILL Function 22500.00
81400323 CE128-LIC-VS Virtual System Function 18000.00
02113774 CE12804-AC CE12804 AC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 15264.00
02114450 CE12804-AC1 CE12804 AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 15264.00
21211800 CE12804-CB CE12804 Cable Bracket 445.20
02114009 CE12804-DC CE12804 DC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 15264.00
21240622 CE12804-DOOR CE12804 door 1427.82
02356431 CE12804A-B00 CE12804 AC Bundle0 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU04A,3*PHD-3000WA) 63918.00
02356098 CE12804A-B01 CE12804 AC Bundle1 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU04A,3*PHD-3000WA) 72504.00
02356099 CE12804A-B02 CE12804 AC Bundle2 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU04B,3*PHD-3000WA) 77274.00
02359752 CE12804A-B09 CE12804 AC Bundle9 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU04B,3*PHD-3000WA) 65826.00
02357687 CE12804D-B00 CE12804 DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU04A,3*PDC-2200WA) 63918.00
02357698 CE12804D-B01 CE12804 DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU04A,3*PDC-2200WA) 72504.00
02357699 CE12804D-B02 CE12804 DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU04B,3*PDC-2200WA) 77274.00
02114454 CE12804S-AC1 CE12804S AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with Fans) 11925.00
02114455 CE12804S-DC CE12804S DC Assembly Chassis(with Fans) 11925.00
21241489 CE12804S-DR CE12804S door 3739.68
02350CYF CE12804SA-B0 CE12804S Bundle0 (Assembly Chassis,1*MPUA-S,1*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 23850.00
02350CYG CE12804SA-B1 CE12804S Bundle1 (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 36252.00
02350CYT CE12804SA-B2 CE12804S Bundle2 (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUC-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 43884.00
02350WPW CE12804SA-B3 CE12804S Bundle3 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUF-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 47700.00
02350HGF CE12804SA-BA CE12804S Bundle A(Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA,2*CE-L48XS-EC,OS) 90630.00
02350HGW CE12804SA-BB CE12804S Bundle B (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUC-S,2*PHD-3000WA,2*CE-L24LQ-EC1,OS) 100170.00
02350CYL CE12804SD-B0 CE12804S DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,1*MPUA-S,1*SFUB-S,2*PDC-2200WA) 23850.00
02350CYM CE12804SD-B1 CE12804S DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUB-S,2*PDC-2200WA) 36252.00
02350CYN CE12804SD-B2 CE12804S DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUC-S,2*PDC-2200WA) 43884.00
02113773 CE12808-AC CE12808 AC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 22896.00
02114451 CE12808-AC1 CE12808 AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 22896.00
21211799 CE12808-CB CE12808 Cable Bracket 534.24
02114007 CE12808-DC CE12808 DC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 22896.00
21240621 CE12808-DOOR CE12808 door 1939.80
02356432 CE12808A-B00 CE12808 AC Bundle0 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU08A,4*PHD-3000WA) 81090.00
02356211 CE12808A-B01 CE12808 AC Bundle1 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU08A,4*PHD-3000WA) 97308.00
02356212 CE12808A-B02 CE12808 AC Bundle2 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU08B,4*PHD-3000WA) 105894.00
02350XCM CE12808A-B03 CE12808 Bundle3 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,4*SFU08F,4*PHD-3000WA) 116388.00
02357893 CE12808A-B09 CE12808 AC Bundle9 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU08B,4*PHD-3000WA) 85860.00
02357700 CE12808D-B00 CE12808 DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU08A,4*PDC-2200WA) 81090.00
02357701 CE12808D-B01 CE12808 DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU08A,4*PDC-2200WA) 97308.00
02357702 CE12808D-B02 CE12808 DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU08B,4*PDC-2200WA) 105894.00
02114469 CE12808S-AC1 CE12808S AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with Fans) 14310.00
02114470 CE12808S-DC CE12808S DC Assembly Chassis(with Fans) 14310.00
21241490 CE12808S-DR CE12808S door 4938.54
02350CYH CE12808SA-B0 CE12808S Bundle0 (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 41022.00
02350CYJ CE12808SA-B1 CE12808S Bundle1 (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,4*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 54378.00
02350CYK CE12808SA-B2 CE12808S Bundle2 (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,3*SFUC-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 59148.00
02350WTQ CE12808SA-B3 CE12808S Bundle3 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,4*SFUF-S,2*PHD-3000WA) 78228.00
02350HGX CE12808SA-BA CE12808S Bundle A (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,4*SFUB-S,2*PHD-3000WA,3*CE-L48XS-EC,OS) 114480.00
02350HGY CE12808SA-BB CE12808S Bundle B (Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,4*SFUC-S,2*PHD-3000WA,2*CE-L24LQ-EC1,OS) 124020.00
02350CYQ CE12808SD-B0 CE12808S DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,2*SFUB-S,4*PDC-2200WA) 41976.00
02350CYR CE12808SD-B1 CE12808S DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,4*SFUB-S,4*PDC-2200WA) 55332.00
02350CYS CE12808SD-B2 CE12808S DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA-S,3*SFUC-S,4*PDC-2200WA) 60102.00
02113772 CE12812-AC CE12812 AC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 28620.00
02114452 CE12812-AC1 CE12812 AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 28620.00
21211798 CE12812-CB CE12812 Cable Bracket 632.82
02114006 CE12812-DC CE12812 DC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 28620.00
21240620 CE12812-DOOR CE12812 door 2378.64
02356433 CE12812A-B00 CE12812 AC Bundle0 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU12A,6*PHD-3000WA) 109710.00
02356213 CE12812A-B01 CE12812 AC Bundle1 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU12A,6*PHD-3000WA) 131652.00
02356214 CE12812A-B02 CE12812 AC Bundle2 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU12B,6*PHD-3000WA) 143100.00
02357896 CE12812A-B09 CE12812 AC Bundle9 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU12B,6*PHD-3000WA) 116388.00
02357703 CE12812D-B00 CE12812 DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU12A,6*PDC-2200WA) 109710.00
02357704 CE12812D-B01 CE12812 DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU12A,6*PDC-2200WA) 131652.00
02357705 CE12812D-B02 CE12812 DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU12B,6*PDC-2200WA) 143100.00
02114188 CE12816-AC CE12816 AC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 38160.00
02114453 CE12816-AC1 CE12816 AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 38160.00
21212321 CE12816-CB Cable Bracket 1033.50
02114189 CE12816-DC CE12816 DC Assembly Chassis(with CMUs and Fans) 38160.00
21241086 CE12816-DOOR CE12816 door 7298.10
02358824 CE12816A-B00 CE12816 AC Bundle0 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU16A,8*PHD-3000WA) 143100.00
02358864 CE12816A-B01 CE12816 AC Bundle1 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU16A,8*PHD-3000WA) 171720.00
02358867 CE12816A-B02 CE12816 AC Bundle2 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU16B,8*PHD-3000WA) 190800.00
02350WTS CE12816A-B03 CE12816 Bundle3 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,4*SFU16F,4*PHD-3000WA) 197478.00
02359751 CE12816A-B09 CE12816 AC Bundle9 (AC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU16B,8*PHD-3000WA) 154548.00
02358868 CE12816D-B00 CE12816 DC Bundle0 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,3*SFU16A,8*PDC-2200WA) 143100.00
02358869 CE12816D-B01 CE12816 DC Bundle1 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU16A,8*PDC-2200WA) 171720.00
02358870 CE12816D-B02 CE12816 DC Bundle2 (DC Assembly Chassis,2*MPUA,5*SFU16B,8*PDC-2200WA) 190800.00
21138515 CES-FP-BLK LPU blank panel 111.30
21138475 CES-MPUAS-BLK MPUAS Blank Panel 68.37
21138474 CES-SFU-BLK 12800S SFU blank panel 117.66
02311NCL CFP2-100G-ER4 High Speed Transceiver,CFP2,100G,Single-mode Module(1310nm,4*25G,40km,stright LC) 86517.20
02311AEM CFP2-100G-LR4 High Speed Transceiver,CFP2,100G,Single-mode Module(1310nm band,4*25G,10km,stright LC) 48675.20
02311AEJ CFP2-100G-SR10 High Speed Transceiver,CFP2,100G,Multimode Module(850nm,10*10G,0.1km,MPO) 13207.60
25030760 CR1016GL01 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,16mm^2,Green,107A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 15.90
25030738 CR1025GR00 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Gray,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 17.40
02230FQF CR5PCABL3500 Package of Terminal for Single Input 35mm^2 DC Power Cable(Exclude Backup) 63.92
04042320 CSWISS48A02 Single Cable,PGND Feeder Cable,0.2m,OT6-4,227IEC02-6^2G&Y,OT6-4,BTS 3001C Lightning Protection Box 3.18
02310LPG CWDM-SFPGE-1551 CWDM Optical Transceiver,eSFP,2.5G,Single-mode Module(1551nm,80km,LC) 2565.20
02310LNS CWDM-SFPGE-1571 CWDM Optical Transceiver,eSFP,2.5G,Single-mode Module(1571nm,80km,LC) 2565.20
02311BKX CXP-100G-AOC10M Optical transceiver,CXP,100G,(850nm,10m,AOC) 4006.80
02311BKY CXP-100G-CU1M5 CXP,100G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,1.5m,CXP84M,2*CC12P0.254B,CXP84M,Used indoor 381.39
02311BLA CXP-100G-CU3M CXP,100G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,3m,CXP84M,2*CC12P0.254B,CXP84M,Used indoor 730.13
02311BKW CXP-100G-SR10 High Speed Transceiver,CXP,100G,Multimode Module(850nm,10*10G,0.1km,MPO) 8755.60
25030720 EN3MCABRD000 Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,35mm^2,Red,171A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 26.40
14131209 F030MPO00 Patch Cord,MPO/PC,MPO/PC,Multimode(OM,Bending Insensitive,GJFH 24A1a(LSZH),5.6mm,30m,24cores 1617.00
14131211 F100MPO00 Patch Cord,MPO/PC,MPO/PC,Multimode(OM3,bending insensitive),5.6mm,100m,24 cores,LSZH 4209.00
02120699 FAN-12C Fan Box 1431.00
02121024 FAN-16A Fan Box 1431.00
02121352 FAN-600A-B Fan Tray Assembly 1431.00
21150771 FRXXUSM01 Cabinet support(width 800mm,adjustable height 270~410mm,adjustable depth 1000/1100/1200mm) 318.64
21150768 FRXXUSM02 Cabinet support(width 800mm,adjustable height 410~700mm,adjustable depth 1000/1100/1200mm) 391.14
25030828 IDSPWRCBL006 Power Cable,600V/1000V,ZA-RVV,5x6mm^2,Black(5Cores:Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Black),46A,Outdoor Cable,CE (Unit:meter) 18.00
88032WJU LIC-3IN1-12-NFM IPS-AV-URL Function Group Subscribe 12 Months 8505.00
88032WJV LIC-3IN1-36-NFM IPS-AV-URL Function Group Subscribe 36 Months 19134.00
88032XVW LIC-AV-12-IPM Anti-Virus Update Service Subscribe 12 Months(IPS Module) 4248.00
88032WJQ LIC-AV-12-NFM Anti-Virus Update Service Subscribe 12 Months 4248.00
88032XVX LIC-AV-36-IPM Anti-Virus Update Service Subscribe 36 Months(IPS Module) 9558.00
88032WJR LIC-AV-36-NFM Anti-Virus Update Service Subscribe 36 Months 9558.00
88032WJM LIC-CONTENT-NFM Content Filtering Function 0.01
88032XVB LIC-IPS-12-IPM IPS Update Service Subscribe 12 Months(IPS Module) 5670.00
88032WJN LIC-IPS-12-NFM IPS Update Service Subscribe 12 Months 5670.00
88032XVC LIC-IPS-36-IPM IPS Update Service Subscribe 36 Months(IPS Module) 12780.00
88032WJP LIC-IPS-36-NFM IPS Update Service Subscribe 36 Months 12780.00
88032XMY LIC-SSLDET-IPM Encrypted SSL traffic inspection function 0.01
88032WJE LIC-SV-100- NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(100 Users) 6480.00
88032WJH LIC-SV-1000-NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(1000 Users) 31500.00
88032WJF LIC-SV-200- NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(200 Users) 16200.00
88032WJJ LIC-SV-2000-NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(2000 Users) 56700.00
88032WJG LIC-SV-500-NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(500 Users) 24300.00
88032WJK LIC-SV-5000-NFM Quantity of SSL VPN Concurrent Users(5000 Users) 64800.00
88032WJS LIC-URL-12-NFM URL Filtering Update Service Subscribe 12 Months 4248.00
88032WJT LIC-URL-36-NFM URL Filtering Update Service Subscribe 36 Months 9558.00
88032WHU LIC-VS-10-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall (10 Vsys) 4374.00
88032WHX LIC-VS-100-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall(100 Vsys) 36450.00
88032WJC LIC-VS-1000-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall(1000 Vsys) 255150.00
88032WHV LIC-VS-20-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall (20 Vsys) 10125.00
88032WHY LIC-VS-200-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall(200 Vsys) 70875.00
88032WHW LIC-VS-50-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall(50 Vsys) 20250.00
88032WJB LIC-VS-500-NFM Quantity of Virtual Firewall(500 Vsys) 141750.00
25030639 P-16mm^2-Black-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,16mm^2,Black,107A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 15.00
25030586 P-16mm^2-Blue-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,16mm^2,Blue,107A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 15.00
25030640 P-16mm^2-Olivine-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,16mm^2,Yellow/Green,107A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 6.84
25030638 P-25mm^2-Black-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Black,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 9.54
25030695 P-25mm^2-Blue-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Blue,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 9.54
25030696 P-25mm^2-Olivine-LSZH Power Cable,450V/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,25mm^2,Yellow/Green,138A,LSZH Cable,VDE,UL (Unit:meter) 9.54
02310LHL PAC-2700WA 2700W AC Power Supply 1857.12
02310QNN PDC-2200WA 2200W DC Power Supply 1497.78
02120765-001 PDU2000-32-1PH-9/4-B2 rack Power Distribution Unit 283.02
02121106 PDU2000-32-HVDC-6/4-B1 240VDC Power Distribution Unit 731.40
02310VMA PHD-3000WA 3000W AC&HVDC Power Module 1726.74
02311RAH QSFP-100G-AOC-30M Active Optical Cable ,QSFP28,100G,(850nm,30m,AOC) 3000.00
02311FNW QSFP-40G-eSDLC 40GBase-eSDLC Optical Transceiver,QSFP+,40G,Multi-mode (895nm,0.3km,LC) 4155.20
02311QTR QSFP-40G-eSDLC-PAM 40GBase-eSDLC Optical Transceiver,QSFP+,40G,Multi-mode(850nm,PAM4,0.3km,LC) 2438.21
02311PUU QSFP-40G-SDLC-PAM 40GBase-SDLC Optical Transceiver,QSFP+,40G,Multi-mode(850nm,PAM4,0.1km,LC) 1624.98
02311FPA QSFP-40G-SR-BD 40GBase-BD Optical Transceiver,QSFP+,40G,Multi-mode (850nm,0.1km,LC) 4155.20
02311MNX QSFP-4SFP25G-CU1M 100GE QSFP28-4SFP25G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,1m,(QSFP28),(4*(CC2P0.254B(S))),(4SFP28) 704.90
02311MNY QSFP-4SFP25G-CU3M 100GE QSFP28-4SFP25G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,3m,(QSFP28),(4*(CC2P0.254B(S))),(4SFP28) 704.90
02311MPA QSFP-4SFP25G-CU3M-N 100GE QSFP28-4SFP25G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,3m,(QSFP28),(4*(CC2P0.4B(S))),(4SFP28) 1068.48
02311MPB QSFP-4SFP25G-CU5M 100GE QSFP28-4SFP25G,High Speed Direct-attach Cables,5m,(QSFP28),(4*(CC2P0.4B(S))),(4SFP28) 1068.48
02230FQC QWHMPACTER00 Package of Terminal for Single Input 16mm^2 DC Power Cable (Exclude Backup) 8.27
02230FQE QWHMPACTER01 Package of Terminal for Single Input 25mm^2 DC Power Cable or Grounding Cable(Exclude Backup) 10.49
02310QPS SFP-10G-AC7M SFP,10G,Active High Speed Cable,7m,SFP+20M,CC2P0.254B(S),SFP+20M,LSFRZH For Indoor 176.60
02311BKP SFP-10G-AOC-3M Optical transceiver,SFP+,1G~10.5G,(850nm,3m,AOC) 283.44
02311PQS SFP-10G-AOC-5M Active Optical Cable ,SFP+,10G,(850nm,5m,AOC) 385.84
02311PQT SFP-10G-AOC-7M Active Optical Cable ,SFP+,10G,(850nm,7m,AOC) 385.84
02310SSK SFP-10G-AOC20M Optical transceiver,SFP+ AOC,850nm,2.5G~10.5G,20m 577.28
02310QDJ SFP-10G-LR Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(1310nm,10km,LC) 1350.44
02310SSG SFP-10G-ZCW1471 Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(CWDM,1471nm,70km,LC) 19641.27
02310SSF SFP-10G-ZCW1491 Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(CWDM,1491nm,70km,LC) 19641.27
02310SSE SFP-10G-ZCW1511 Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(CWDM,1511nm,70km,LC) 19641.27
02310SSD SFP-10G-ZCW1531 Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(CWDM,1531nm,70km,LC) 19641.27
02310SSC SFP-10G-ZCW1551 Optical Transceiver,SFP+,10G,Single-mode Module(CWDM,1551nm,70km,LC) 19641.27
14130291 SS-OP-LC-FC-S-50 Patch cord-FC/PC-LC/PC-Single mode-G.652-2mm-50m-PVC-Yellow 48.00
14131059 SS-OP-MPO12-8*FC-M-15 Optical Cable Assembly,MPO/PC,8*FC/PC,Multimode(OM3),GJFH 8A1a(LSZH),15m,3.5mm,8 Cores,0mm/12000mm 753.66
02120644 WPDU3AC00 Distribution line-Basic type-PDU32-3PH-12/9-B-12*C13+9*C19-Full height vertical-With Industrial connector-Supporting mounting plate use 457.20