Huawei EM720 Industrial Grade Mobile Hotspot

The EM720 is a pocket-sized, multimedia broadband data access terminal based on TD-LTE technology that provides Wi-Fi access.

Features a large-capacity 6,000 mAH battery for charging most mobile devices and supports the PC configuration tool.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Huawei’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot — it provides mobile users Internet access using such devices as tablets, PCs, and mobile phones, and meets industry requirements for data services.

Huawei EM720 Industrial Grade Mobile Hotspot



Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

The EM720 is a small Wi-Fi hotspot that enables devices such as pads, PCs, mobile phones, and PDAs to browse web
pages and download data via the LTE network.

Mobile Charger

With a 6,000 mAH battery capacity, the EM720 can charge most mobile devices at least twice.

PC Management

Supports Windows 7, automatic installation


 Specifications  EM720


1.8 GHz: 1,785 MHz to 1,805 MHz

1.4 GHz: 1,447 MHz to 1,467 MHz

Power Level

1.8 GHz: 24 ± 2 dBm

1.4 GHz: 24 ± 2 dBm


1.8 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

1.4 GHz: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

Wi-Fi Antenna Sensitivity

54M: –68 dBm @ 10% PER

11M: –85 dBm @ 8% PER

6M: –88 dBm @ 10% PER

1M: –90 dBm @ 8% PER

Maximum Wi-Fi Transmit Power

802.11b: 13 dBm

802.11g: 11 dBm

802.11n: 10 dBm @ 2.4 GHz

Maximum Rate

UL 50 Mbit/s; DL 100 Mbit/s

Dimensions (H x W x D)

121 mm x 70 mm x 23.5 mm (excluding the external antenna)




LI-ion, 3.7V, 6,000 mAH

Output Current



Huawei EM720 Industrial-Grade Mobile Hotspot

Enables mobile users to browse Web pages and download data via the LTE network using all types of mobile devices

Supports the UL 64 QAM modulation scheme, which significantly improves the throughput of UL users

Displays multiple indicators: LTE signal, Wi-Fi signal, battery, power, and WAN status.