SE1000 Series Enterprise SBC

Designed for small and medium enterprises, the Huawei SE1000 is the new-generation Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) for managing IP-based audio, video, conferencing, and converged communications.  

Huawei’s SE1000 easily enables enterprise VoIP services with 25 to 5,000 concurrent sessions and helps address communications for different parts of the network, such as the shift to mobile office, interconnection, and converged networks. Built upon Huawei’s RH1288 server platform, eSBC fully leverages Huawei's extensive industry experience in the core network, IP, and security protection.


Product Features



Product Specification




Maximum Number of Users



Maximum Number of Concurrent Calls



Maximum Number of Users for Which TLS Encryption Applies



Maximum Number of Concurrent Calls for Which SRTP Encryption Applies





Forwarding Capability

4 Gbit/s


  • Built-in firewall to defend against DDoS attacks at Layers 2 through 7
  • Security analysis center tools for defense against smart attacks
  • Industry-leading flow control for service availability assurance even when the traffic is 64 times the normal load

Interworking Capabilities

  • Comprehensively supports interworking of IPv4/IPv6, UDP/TCP/SCTP, RTP/RTCP/MSRP, TLS/SRTP, SIP/H.323, and SNMP/NTP
  • Audio transoding among G.711, G.722, G.723, G.729, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, T.38, iLBC, DTMF, and RFC2833, as well as video transcoding among EVS, H.264, and H.265

High Availability

  • Dual power supplies and cross-region dual-system hot backup
  • With the availability of 99.999635%


  • Web-based NMS


SE1000 Series Enterprise SBC 

Nowadays, using IP-based audio, video, conference, and converged communication is becoming a business necessity for enterprises, and therefore the SBC is required to manage VoIP services. Huawei SE1000 (Enterprise SBC), designed for small-/ medium-sized enterprises (with 25 to 5000 concurrent sessions), delivers unrivalled communication services and helps enterprises address issues that are encountered during network evolution, such as the shift to mobile work, interconnection, and converged network.

Competitive products on market include Acme Packet 3820, 4500, 4600, 6000, Cisco ASR1000, 7600 SBC Module, Sonus SBC9000, 7000, 5210, 5110, 2000, 1000